Did Hardik Patel ready to adopt saffron?

Hardik Patel ready to adopt saffron

NewDelhi:  The acting Congress president, Hardik Patel, and his political moves have become the talk of the town in Gujarat before the assembly elections. Speculations are rife that he will join the saffron party BJP due to some resentment from Central as well state Congress leadership. The Gujarat Congress leader Hardik Patel (WhatsApp DP) has changed his WhatsApp DP. Hardik had removed the Congress paw from the DP two days ago and now posted a picture of him wearing an orange scarf. Then again the discussion has gained momentum that Hardik is joining BJP?

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Expressed resentment against Congress

Hardik Patel is currently the acting president of the Gujarat Congress. But for some time now, he has been annoyed with the Congress leadership. Hardik has often expressed his displeasure in public. He even went so far as to say that his condition in the Congress was such that it was as if the new bridegroom had been sterilized. Here he was trying to say that he did not have the decision-making power in the party. Hardik also praised the BJP, saying it had good decision-making power.

Hardik has changed the photo on WhatsApp but the profile picture in Facebook and Twitter is the same as before. Instagram has a formal picture. Since Hardik Patel became the acting president of Gujarat Congress, his WhatsApp number had a DP with the paw of this Congress and it said, "I will fight and win."

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Hardik considered himself a devotee of Ram

Hardik Patel had declared himself a Ram Bhakt only last week. Calling himself a devotee of Ram, Hardik said, "I am proud to be a Hindu. Hardik Patel spoke of distributing four thousand Bhagavad Gita at his father's funeral and said, "We are Hindus and we are very proud to be Hindus." After this, Gujarat BJP president CR Patil also praised Hardik Patel. Due to which, the speculation of Hardik joining BJP had gained momentum.

Why are you annoyed with Congress?

He has been instrumental in the 2017 Congress election campaign. He is the acting president of the Gujarat Congress, though he says he is still not involved in any important meetings or decisions in the Congress. The whole issue is to strengthen its grip on the Congress and see itself in a leading role before the Gujarat elections later this year. He himself wanted to bring Naresh Patel into Congress. Naresh could also be the CM face of Congress. It is believed that this is disturbing Hardik. This is why he is now openly expressing his displeasure.

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