BJP-Kamal Nath rumors: On Nakul Nath’s remarks regarding his candidacy

NewsBJP-Kamal Nath rumors: On Nakul Nath’s remarks regarding his candidacy


Amidst speculations that Kamal Nath is affiliating with the BJP, the Congress issued a major statement regarding his son Nakul Nath’s candidacy from the Chhindwara stronghold on Tuesday. Jitendra Singh, the general secretary of the Congress party, stated that he is a formidable contender while on a tour of Madhya Pradesh, purportedly to ascertain the MLAs’ sentiments. Singh also made a suggestion that Nakul Nath might run as the party’s nominee. He declared that he would definitely run in the elections because he is an excellent candidate from that place, Chhindwara.

In response to reports that Kamal Nath is quitting the Congress, Singh stated that the BJP was the source of the rumors.

Nothing compares to this. The BJP has been propagating these rumors (that Kamal Nath is quitting the Congress) all along. He continued, “He is our senior leader, and he will be present at the meeting today concerning the Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra.” The current Chhindwara MP is Nakul Nath. He is the lone Madhya Pradesh Congress MP. Nakul Nath unilaterally announced earlier this month that he would run in his constituency for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections.

I’ll be your candidate for the Lok Sabha this time around as well. There have been rumors circulating about Kamal Nath or Nakul Nath running for office. He had stated, “I would like to get it known that Kamal Nath is not going to run for office; I am going to.”

Following his announcement, there was conjecture that there was a divide between Nakul Nath’s family and the Congress leadership. There have been rumors that Nakul Nath and his father are in talks with the BJP leadership, so they have been camping in Delhi.

Kamal Nath has not firmly denied or confirmed the rumors. But according to his allies, he is staying in Congress.
Congress has been attempting to appease the father-son team. Recalling that Kamal Nath was referred to as the “third son of India Gandhi,” several of its leaders emphasized his closeness to the Nehru-Gandhi family.

In the midst of the rumors, Jitendra Singh is anticipated to meet with the 66 Congress MLAs in Madhya Pradesh to assess their attitudes and the current state of affairs in the state.

It has been reported that Kamla Nath is upset about not being selected for the Rajya Sabha. The Kamal Nath family was infuriated when a Digvijaya Singh loyalist from Madhya Pradesh won the nomination. Additionally, they were held accountable for the party’s poor performance in the Madhya Pradesh assembly election periods. Recently, associates of Kamal Nath told the press that the leadership was insulting them. 


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