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Bengal Man’s dies after suicide due to Team India’s World Cup Final Loss.

Bengal Man's dies after suicide due to Team India's World Cup Final Loss.
Bengal Man's dies after suicide due to Team India's World Cup Final Loss.

All of us know India was defeated by the Australia team in the World Cup finals. It is a big loss for the Indian team. After the World Cup finals loss, the 23-year-old Bengal man attempted suicide and died in the Bankura district of West Bengal. It is a heartbreaking story of the loss of the Indian team in the ICC Cricket World Cup finals. This mishap occurred on Sunday night near the Beliatore cinema hall area, Bankura. 

India vs Australia 

Unfortunately, the India team lost to Australia by six wickets in the keenly watched cricket World Cup finals in Ahmedabad on Sunday. The Australians make the 241 runs in only 43 overs, with Travis head 137 runs off 120 balls. It was heartbreaking news for all cricket fans when Australia defeated India in the ICC men’s World Cup finals. 

Due to this, one of Bengal’s men dies by suicide. He was unable to overcome his emotions after India’s loss and decided to end his life in a room, according to his brother-in-law, the news agency. Rahul Lohar, a Bengal man, dies by hanging in his room when no one is in the house. 

Who is Bengal man

After the investigation, the police determined the name of Bengal name, who died by suicide, was Rahul Lohar. He works at a clothing store in the area. He is also well known by the name of a cricket maniac who takes leave to watch the final cricket World Cup match. After the Indian team’s defeat, he ended his life by hanging himself in the room. 

If we talk about this incident, Babu Uttam sur, Lothar’s brother-in-law, said that he died by suicide by wrapping a veil around his neck in his room after not being able to accept India’s defeat of Australia in the cricket World Cup finals. He also said no one was there in his home when he attempted suicide. The incident occurred around 11 pm on Sunday near the location of a cinema hall in the Beliatore police station area, said to police. 

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Why was the body sent to a mortem 

Without the investigation, police officers said that it was not possible to say anything clearly about the matter without a post-mortem. So the police reached the spot, recovered the body, and sent it to post mortem. 

On this incident, the superintendent of police of Bankura said that it is not clear anything without a post-mortem. Meanwhile, the unnatural death case has been registered, and an investigation has started. The body for post-mortem has been sent to Bankura Sammilani Medical College and Hospital. 


The dream of 1.4 billion Indians was broken after Australia won the cricket World Cup finals. A 23-year-old Bengal man, Rahul Lohar, attempts suicide and dies because he is unable to accept India’s defeat by Australia. After India lost the World Cup title to Australia by 6 wickets on Sunday, he lost his life. His family said that he was a cricket maniac and wanted India to win, but unfortunately, India was defeated in the match, and this heartbreaking incident happened.

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