After just a year, a techie quits Microsoft, her “dream

NewsAfter just a year, a techie quits Microsoft, her "dream


A Siliguri, West Bengal, techie has talked about quitting her job at Microsoft, her “dream company,” after about a year of employment. The tech giant hired Haimantika Mitra after more than thirty attempts, and she is currently based in Bengaluru. The Siliguri Institute of Technology (SIT) graduate told Moneycontrol, “I felt drawn to the company during my interactions with members, including engineers and other senior professionals.” I was first introduced to the Microsoft community during Covid. Mitra went on to explain why the massive company led by Satya Nadella was her “dream company,” saying that the Student Ambassador community was the first technical group she was involved in and that’s when my love for Microsoft products truly began. I got to know engineers and other senior professionals by being a part of the community, and that’s when I started to enjoy the work culture. I had to cooperate with them since it was my ideal location, I realized slowly. The publication questioned her about why she had resigned so quickly.

The Developer Advocate, who works as a professional, responded to this by saying that the support engineer job she was hired for “wasn’t exactly what I wanted to do in life.”

I would not have been considered for other, more desirable roles at Microsoft until I had been in this role for a few years due to Microsoft’s policies.

Mitra, who is currently employed by a tech company in Bengaluru, added that she would “love to return” to Microsoft in the future if the right opportunity presented itself. Not now, she said, but someday, for sure. Despite not making it to the hackathon’s final round, Microsoft recruiters were so impressed with her performance that they agreed to give her an interview. Following two rounds, they chose her as an intern. I began my internship in April 2021, and after three months, I went through two more rounds of interviews before being hired on a full-time basis, according to Mitra.

I came to the realization that I would only be given consideration for other, more desirable roles at Microsoft after serving in this capacity for a few years. But I wanted things to move quickly, believing that if I worked as a support engineer for two or three years straight, I would have become obsolete in the industry. I had to give up because of this. Mitra is still loyal to Microsoft even though she is currently employed in Bengaluru. “If a suitable position becomes available in the future, I would love to return to the company, “Not now, but someday, she said with certainty.

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