AAP member Raghav Chadha’s suspension is lifted by Rajya Sabha

NewsAAP member Raghav Chadha's suspension is lifted by Rajya Sabha


After suspension from the Upper House Parliament was lifted on Monday, AAP MP Raghav Chadha expressed his gratitude to the chairman of the Rajya Sabha and the Supreme Court. Chadha expressed his gratitude to everyone for their love and blessings during his suspension in a video message.

In order to have my suspension lifted, I had to file an appeal with the Supreme Court. My suspension was lifted following the intervention of the Supreme Court. I was suspended for 115 days at the very least. He said, “I was unable to say a single word inside the House or ask any query inside Parliament during those days.”

The leader of the AAM Aadmi Party (AAP) claimed that during his suspension, he was showered with love and blessings. My suspension was lifted, which makes me happy. For this, the chairman of the Rajya Sabha and the Supreme Court have my gratitude. People showered me with love and blessings over the course of the 115 days. You guys have given me strength. He said, “I am thankful to you from the core of my heart.” Due to a purported privilege violation, Chadha was removed from the Upper House in August.

The suspension from Rajya Sabha was lifted on the first day of Parliament’s Winter Session as a result of a motion made by BJP MP GVL Narsimha Rao. The suspension, which came into effect on August 11 due to what was called a breach of privilege, concerned Chadha’s purported suggestion of four MP’s names for a panel looking into the divisive Delhi services ordinance without their permission.

With the ordinance, bureaucrats in the nation’s capital come under the jurisdiction of the central government. Chadha posted a video statement on n X stating, My statement on the revocation of my suspension from Parliament today Apka Beta Ak se Sansad Me Dobara Apki seva main hazir hai.

On the final day of the Monsoon Session of Parliament, Dhankar suspended Chadha from the Rajya Sabha after the BJP accused him of forging the signatures of five MP”s. In a statement announcing Chadha’s suspension, Dhankar said, Considering the whole picture of his misdemeanor, rule violation, defined attitude, and inappropriate conduct, I find it expeditious to invoke Rule 266 read in conjunction with 256 and suspend Raghav Chadha from the Council’s service until the council has taken advantage of the Committee of Privileges report.

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