A Deepfake Video of Sachin Tendulkar Goes Viral

NewsA Deepfake Video of Sachin Tendulkar Goes Viral


Reacting furiously to a deepfake video that went viral on Monday, claiming erroneously that he promotes a mobile gaming game, former Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar answered fiercely. A “disturbing” conduct, according to Tendulkar, who called on his supporters to report similar recordings.

Posting the now-viral CGI clip on X (previously Twitter), the former member of the Indian national cricket team criticized the movie and others like it, calling them “fake.” That video content is completely false. Misuse of technology is a major concern of mine. 

While voicing his disapproval, Tendulkar added that social media sites should handle such concerns with greater care and speed.

Both the ex-Indian cricketer and his daughter fell victim to deepfake technology. In November, during the ICC World Cup 2023, an edited picture of the daughter with her rumored boyfriend Shubman Gill went viral.

How does deepfake technology work?

A new sort of artificial intelligence called “deepfake” has the ability to generate media assets (images, videos, and audio) that look and sound very convincingly fake. Synthesizing voices and faces, replacing faces, and manipulating facial emotions are all within reach with the underlying technology. The United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) states that deepfakes are used to disseminate false information by mimicking someone’s speech or actions.

A video showcasing Sachin Tendulkar’s deepfake has gone viral on the internet.

Falsely promoting the smartphone game “Aviator” and claiming that his daughter Sara Tendulkar is a fan, Tendulkar promotes the app in the video. The video features Tendulkar, who claims that the program is straightforward to download on cellphones and makes earning money quite simple.

Notably, this troubling tendency in AI has affected other celebrities including Tendulkar. Concerns over privacy rights have arisen in light of the increasing integration of artificial intelligence with social media, after the success of a deepfake video featuring actress Rashmika Mandana in November of last year.

The authorities informed the appropriate social media firms after becoming aware of the harmful trend in December. They kindly asked that they adhere to the Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021, which prohibit the dissemination of deceptive “deepfake” films, strictly.

In view of the approaching elections and the fact that it is likely to exacerbate issues like disinformation and privacy breaches, experts have emphasized the need of preventing the rise of non-consensual pornography.

Skyward Aviator Quest is the name of the game app shown in the deepfake video. Having a famous person like Tendulkar promote these kinds of games raises serious red flags. It seems as if the famous cricketer is trying to sell the product by saying it may be a moneymaker for others. It has been digitally altered to make him seem and sound like the cricket player, and almost everyone can tell.

Recent events have prompted the Indian government to address the worldwide problem of misinformation swiftly propagating on social media platforms, where it may instantly reach millions of people, by deciding to regulate deepfake video tracking sites.

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