UP CM orders no religious activities on roads, the sound of mikes should remain within the premises

Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Adityanath

Lucknow: Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh Adityanath reviewed a meeting regarding the law and order of the state after the communal riots in Jahangirpuri of Delhi. He ordered the officials to make sure that no religious activities be on the roads. If loudspeakers are used then it must be ensured that the sound shouldn’t be outside the premises. CM ordered the police officials and administrative officers to cancel their leaves till 4th of May. If anyone is already on leave, he must join the office within 24 hours.

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While reviewing the meeting over video conference, Adityanath ordered officers that it must make sure that all the religious activities must be done at the places which are pre-decided. Traffic shouldn’t be disturbed or hurdled. He said that the people of each religion have the right to practice their religious cultures, but they must have to make sure that it shouldn’t be on the roads. If they wish to use loudspeakers, they may but the sound shouldn’t be outside the premises. No new permissions should be for the loudspeakers. 

Take an affidavit before permission

CM ordered the officers to religious procession should be done without prior permission. If needed permit them but take an affidavit before permission. The organizer will be solely responsible for the law and order situation and all the mishaps that take place. He ordered the police officers that Ramzan is prevailing. Police must go to the religious leaders and have talks with them so that the situation could be made better. CM ordered the officials to take strict actions against the people who try to break the law.

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