Prashant Kishor is eager to find a place in congress only!

Prashant Kishor

Lucknow: The political strategist Prashant Kishor seems eager to find a place in congress only. In a year he met with the Congress top guns two times. On both occasions, there were talks that he may join congress soon. Last time neither Prashant nor congress spoke about him. But this time it has been officially said that Prashant met Congress top guns and gave a presentation too regarding the 2024 elections. The question is there, why does he want congress only?

The sources say that Prashant knows that though the present situation of congress is not good, it is the party of 12 crore voters. If it will be stood tall, then it will be the only party that could be one on one with BJP. In its bad days too, the congress is the largest opposition.

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Though the difference is too much it could be makeup if moved strategically. One of the political experts says that Prashant wants to join politics full time. He even tried it with Niteesh Kumar’s JDU, but the things couldn’t last for long. He was in talks with Mamta Banerjee too after the Bihar polls, and the result also remained the same.

He describes that the regional parties move around one person or two. The same problem is with congress too, but the national parties have their different working style and there he could be settled. BJP is another option but there are a lot of problems. When he said goodbye to the BJP then the decisions makers were the same as they are today. His chemistry with Amit Shah is not good. So the doors for the organization of BJP are nearly closed.

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Prashant wasn’t fit anywhere for a long time

If we see the history Prashant was never fit with anyone for a long time. His political affiliation and relationship of him with many of the political parties ended too soon. Experts say that Prashant is quite ambitious and no one in politics wants to share his position with any other. That’s the reason that Prashant had to quit each time.

Last time he even experimented with ‘Baat Bihar Ki’ during Bihar polls, but that didn’t click too much. So now, Prashant knows that he needs a bigger political affiliation if he wants to be in politics. After Ahmad Patel, congress is also searching an election manager, and may Prashant fill that position. In nutshell both need each other.