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Mayawati remarked BJP-Cong, casteist, said their Dalit MP-MLA will not do anything for community


Lucknow: Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati remarked BJP and Congress as casteist parties. On Ambedkar Jayanti she said that their MPs and MLAs will not do anything for the community. They will serve their own interest only.

Addressing to a programme in the party office at Lucknow, Mayawati said that if Dalit MPs and MLAs of BJP and Cong will try to do something for their community, they will be expelled from the party. She said that, if we see the politics of the nation we can clearly understand that if the casteist parties like BJP and congress make MPs, MLAs, Ministers, Deputy chief ministers, or even president, he can’t do anything for the community. He can do better of himself and his family. He said that, these parties want dalit leaders as their slaves.

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‘They are politically selfish’

Mayawati said that political parties are racing to pay tribute to Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar. Their act is of political selfishness. She said that, these political parties haven’t to do anything of the ideas and principals of Dr. Ambedkar. They are doing so because they want the political profits. They treat Dalits just only as votebank. They can’t do anything better for them as it is beyond their idea. She said that the exploitation of Dalits in the government of both parties remained at its peak.

‘Join the party movement to fulfil the dreams of Ambedkar’

The champion of Dalit politics, Mayawati appealed people to join the party movement so that the dreams of Dr. Ambedkar may be fulfilled. She said that the opposition parties will use all the means, including money and power to end up the movement. They don’t want the Dalits to get their right that Dr. Ambedkar gave them through the constitution.

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