Political News: AIMIM offered Azam to join the party

 Azam khan

Lucknow: Asaduddin Owaisi's AIMIM has offered Azam Khan to join the party as it is said that Azam may leave Samajwadi Party soon. Azam is in Sitapur jail for nearly two years and there are many charges against him.

A few days earlier, Azam’s media in-charge passed a statement according to which Samajwadi Party (SP) chief Akhilesh Yadav is ignoring Muslim leaders after the elections in fear of his image. After his statement people are speculating that Azam and his son may soon say goodbye to the party. Currently, both have become victorious on the symbol of SP. Though both haven’t taken the oath of the house so technically they are not the members of the house.

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On Sunday AIMIM state spokesperson Mohammad Farhan said Azam should join AIMIM so that the BJP and SP could be eliminated from the politics of Uttar Pradesh. SP is concerned of bagging the votes of Muslims but it doesn’t want to remain standing for their issues. AIMIM’s state spokesperson also wrote a letter to Azam Khan urging him the same. 

Muslim SP leaders on the target

Either it is just coincidence or something else, Muslim SP leaders are on the target of the government. Azam khan, the prominent Muslim face of the party is in jail for two years. He even contested the election from jail. Nahid hasan has been put behind the bars during the elections and he also contested from the jail. After the elections bhojipura MLA Shazil Islam commented over chief minister Adityanath. After his statement he was booked in FIR and also Bareilly development authority razed his petrol pump.