After the expulsion, Nakul says thankyou!

chief Mayawati

Lucknow: A day after expulsion from Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP), Ex-Minister Nakul Dubey thanked party chief Mayawati. He said, thank you for making me free. Justice has been delivered to him and the community.

On Saturday late evening Nakul Dubey was expelled from the party. Mayawati herself informed about it by tweeting. Nakul once known as the prominent brahmin face of the party has been the minister in the BSP full majority government in 2007. Commenting over his expulsion from the party on Sunday Nakul said, I thanked her that she has freed me. I and the people who know me will be able to perform the political duties that are necessary for the state.

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When he was asked about the reason of his expulsion Nakul said that, he didn’t went in the review meeting after the elections. He didn’t met even to Behanji (Mayawati) so he is unable to know the reasons. Nakul said that, it should be called injustice as justice has been delivered. Mayawati expelled him over anti party activities.

Nakul may find his way in BJP 

Nakul soon may find his way in BJP. There are the discussions that Nakul has recently met deputy chief minister Brijesh Pathak. Mayawati got the information and so she took the decision of expelling him from the Party. Sources say that Mayawati has been informed that Nakul is set to join BJP so he is not attending party meetings and he is also saying to his supporters to remain ready for some big decisions.