Yogi Ji save Agra from becoming Wuhan

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Yogi Ji save Agra from becoming Wuhan

Mayor requests help from UP Chief Minister

Agra: Issuing a warning of the corona virus epidemic taking a terrible form in the city of Agra, the city mayor wrote a letter to Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and urged him to take immediate action. The mayor has said that Agra could become the country’s Wuhan. Claiming that the corona virus cases have increased in the city, Mayor Naveen Jain has written to the Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Deputy Chief Minister Dinesh Sharma about the situation in the city and the poor administration of the district administration.

In this letter going viral on social media, he has written, ‘I am writing a letter to you with a very sad heart that my Agra is going through a period of extreme crisis. Strict decisions need to be taken to save Agra. The situation has become very serious. Therefore, I am praying with folded hands to save my Agra, save it. “The Mayor wrote this letter on April 21, which has been going viral on social media since the night of April 25.

In the letter, the mayor further wrote, “Agra can become the country’s Wuhan. Local administration has proved inefficient. … Quarantine centers built in hot spot areas are not being investigated for many days. Nor is there proper arrangement of food and water for the patients. … the situation is explosive. “

In this letter, the mayor has directly blamed the district administration and health department for the worsening condition of Corona in the city and the general public. It is necessary to mention here that the Agra model designed to prevent corona infection proved to be quite effective.

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