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Riding for Safety: Assam Transport Minister take part in Road Safety Bike Rally.

Riding for Safety: Assam Transport Minister take part in Road Safety Bike Rally.
Riding for Safety: Assam Transport Minister take part in Road Safety Bike Rally.

Assam Transport Minister Parimal Suklabaidya participated in a statewide awareness bike rally on Monday. It flags off the “ Path Suraksha Jan Andolan” as a road safety part and awareness initiative. The Assam transport minister leads the bike rally on Monday. This bike rally was started from Guwahati to Goalapara. A road awareness rally began to promote evidence-based concepts and reduce road traffic injuries and deaths. Dive in news facts given below 

Road Safety Bike Rally

The transport minister of Assam, Parimal Suklabaidya, inaugurated the “ Path Suraksha Jan Andolan” on Sunday. It is the awareness campaign statewide. The campaign was started on “ world day of remembrance for road traffic victims” and aims to stop road accidents in Assam. The transport minister arrived on the bike at the venue to mark this occasion. The bike rally statewide, a collaborative initiative against road accidents, will traverse several locations in the state. 

Following the road safety awareness campaign, the transport department collaborates with the Save LIFE Foundation. It is a non-profit organisation that focuses on road safety and conduct road safety audit of Kamrup ( rural), Kamrup ( M) as part of the programme. 

How does a Road safety bike rally create awareness?

The state recorded the number of road accidents from January to October. 2606 fatalities, 6001 accidents, and 4800 injuries occurred this year. During that time, the five top districts with high fatality rates were Kamrup ( rural), Kamrup ( M), sonitpur, Nagaon and Goalpara. Notably, 40.89 % of accidents occur between 3:00 and 9:00 hours, with 40 % happening on highways. 

However, 76 % of accidents happen in residential zones, open spaces and market areas. The statistic reveals that in 2021, 78.88 % of the death rate occurred in the age group of 18-45 years, and shows the most productive segment of the population. 

The suklabaidya, the Assam transport minister, said that we start the road safety bike rally to promote evidence-based actions and stop traffic injuries and deaths. Further, he also said, I will be travelling across to all constituencies of Assam and promote road safety awareness. I will carry and promote the message of Assam’s chief minister, Biswas Sarma. It made efforts to reduce accidents in the state through road safety measures. 

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When the initiative flagged off

The road safety bike rally initiative was flagged off on World Remembrance Day for road traffic victims. Today, on World Remembrance Day for road traffic victims, I got the opportunity to flag off ” The Path Suraksha Jan Andolan”, an awareness bike rally act of the state and lead it, posted by the transport minister of Assam. The rally consists of awareness meetings with government officials, stakeholders, drivers and the public so they stay aware of road safety and take responsibility among people. 


The Assam transport minister initiated the road safety bike rally campaign. They aimed to reduce the road accident cases in Assam by creating awareness among people.

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