Kursi jaati hai toh jaaye”: Kamal Nath discusses the downfall of his government in 2020

NationalKursi jaati hai toh jaaye": Kamal Nath discusses the downfall of his...


On Monday, Kamal Nath, a senior Congress leader and former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh, stated that a deal was made in 2020 to overthrow his government. He claimed that even if he were to lose his position, he would turn down offers of crores from certain MLAs who approached him.

Speaking at an election rally in the district of Narmadapuram, Nath stated, “A deal was struck shortly after I became the chief minister. Even I, a CM, could have worked out a deal. MLAs used to approach me with claims of receiving offers worth several crores of rupees. However, I declared that I would never make a deal with anyone. Toh jaaye Kursi jaati hai  toh.

Mauj karo, mai kisise sauda nahi krne wala. (Enjoy, I cannot negotiate a deal with anybody) was what I used to say when MLAs told me they were getting crores. Furthermore, he stated that he turned down every offer because he did not want MP to be recognized as the place of purchases.

After achieving 114 seats and the BJP acquiring 109 in the 230-member assembly throughout the 2018 elections, the Congress developed as the biggest political party. With Kamal Nath as the chief minister, the Congress managed to form an alliance with the BSP, SP, and Independents to form the government.

Madhya Pradesh experienced an election year crisis in 2020 when 22 Congress MLAs who backed Jyotiraditya Scindia left their historic party and joined the saffron faction. In 15 months, Kamal Nath’s government had been reduced to a minority. Shivraj Singh Chouhan is assisting as chief minister for a record fourth time.

 “Kamal Nath is an outsider”: Chouhan Nath made a jab at Chouhan on Sunday, claiming that the chief minister would not become “unemployed” if Congress won the next elections because he is an “excellent actor” and is capable of working in Mumbai.

At a rally on Sunday in Bhopal, the Berasia assembly seat, Chouhan claimed that Nath is an “outsider” for the government and should not be trusted.

During a campaign rally last week, the former CM additionally gave a warning to the party’s representatives in the Prithvipur and Niwari assembly seats, threatening to make them responsible for their conduct for the next five years.

“I wish to notify Prithvipur and Niwari’s administration of this. Whatever you are doing, pay close attention to what I have to say. Tomorrow will come, and you (the people) and I will decide what needs to be done. On November 17, Madhya Pradesh will hold a single round of elections, and on December 3, the votes will be counted.

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