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Jobless in Rajasthan to stage strong protest against the state government from 28th December

Jobless in Rajasthan to stage strong protest against the state government from 28th December

Rajasthan: The unemployed section of Rajasthan has once again announced an all-out fight against the government. From December 28, the unemployed across the state will protest against the government at the martyr’s memorial in Jaipur. The officials of the Rajasthan Unemployed Integrated Federation said that the paper of every recruitment examination is being leaked in the state.

But the government and administration are sitting blind. Because of this, the future of lakhs of youths is in danger, in such a situation, once again we will start the movement from Jaipur to wake up the deaf and dumb government.

State President of Rajasthan Unemployed Integrated Federation Upen Yadav said that paper leak has become common in Rajasthan. The government does catch the culprits. But does not act on them. In such a situation, we will start a movement in Jaipur on October 28 to take strict action against the culprits and curb corruption. So that rigging can be stopped in future recruitment examinations.

If the government did not listen to us this time. So we will make the general public aware by spreading propaganda against the government by reaching village Dhani across the state. So that Congress can be taught a lesson in the coming elections.

A letter is written to CM Gehlot demanding 9 points

National Security Act (Rasuka NSA) should be implemented immediately in the paper leak of recruitment examinations.

So that criminals under this law do not get bail for 12 months. Along with this, the culprits should be punished severely.

The bus caught in the paper leak should be investigated impartially. Because is being told the candidates that this bus was also used for the examinations of previous papers. Apart from this one bus, two-three more buses are being told that they should also be investigated.

In such a situation, questions are being raised about the transparency of all the papers conducted earlier. All examination papers should be impartially scrutinized.

The confidentiality of RPSC (paper setter, printing, distribution) should be impartially investigated. Third-grade teacher recruitment will be held on 48000 posts in February and apart from this CET exam will be held and state government is claiming 1 lakh posts and new recruitment will be done.

In such a situation, before all these recruitment examinations, the state government should run a continuous raid campaign to end the paper mafia and gangs flourishing in the state.

Youth unemployed can make a direct complaint about forgery, copying, and paper leak at any time. On which immediate action should be taken. Such a system should be established.

Under the new non-bailable law, strict action should be taken soon against all the culprits involved in the paper leak. Fast track court should be set up to punish the culprits involved in a paper leak at the earliest.

Government should appoint honest, fair, and dedicated people in institutions like RPSC, Staff Selection Board. Those who are afraid of their reputation and jail.

Instead of getting the state government paper printed from external printing presses, the state government should do the work of getting it printed from its own printing press.

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