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If asked, Digvijaya ready to contest against Scindia


Bhopal: “If the party asks me, I shall be ready to contest Lok Sabha Elections against Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia,” said former chief minister Digvijaya Singh on Tuesday.

He made the statement at a press conference in Seoni. When he was asked whether he would fight the Lok Sabha election against Union Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia, Digvijaya said being a member of the Rajya Sabha he did not need to fight the Lok Sabha election, but if the party told him to do so, he would do it.

According to Digvijaya, his Lok Sabha constituency is Rajgarh, but in the last Lok Sabha election, when the party told him to contest polls from Bhopal, he did that.

He is ready to do anything for the party, Singh said. Since both Singh and Scindia are Rajya sabha members, it is not certain whether they would fight the Lok Sabha elections.

Singh’s statement has heated up political atmosphere in the state. Both Singh and Scindia lost Lok Sabha elections in 2019.

Afterwards, Scindia left Congress and took the BJP membership. Except for Lok Sabha election from Guna in 2019, members of the Scindia family always won elections.

According to political analysts, Singh and Scindia facing each other in an election, will be one of the most interesting electoral battles in the country.

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