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Hizb-Ut-Tahrir activists bought explosives from Hyderabad

Hizb-Ut-Tahrir activists

The organisation recruited youths

Bhopal: A large number of Hizb-Ut-Tahrir activists have fallen into the dragnet of Anti-terrorist Squad (ATS) in Madhya Pradesh.

When the police interrogated them, their sinister design came to light. The member of HUT bought explosives from Hyderabad, and the police are inquiring into the purpose of purchasing explosives.

The members of this organisation also conducted recce at vital places in Bhopal, including railway station and Motilal Nehru Stadium.

The electronic equipment, confiscated from the members of the group, indicated that they were highly influenced by Islamic scholars.

They used to watch the videos of Islamic scholars, like Zakir Nayak, Tariq Masood, Sajjad Nomani, Salman Nadwi, Saleem Mirza and Israr Ahmad. They also searched for the videos related to those who rebel against the country besides they took interest in studying Jihadi literature.

The activists used code words at the time of interacting with each other. The code words they used were Biryani, Anardana and Laddu. They were using telegram and Whatsapp for interaction among themselves and arranged for meetings through Zoom App.

The articles, which the police have confiscated from the possession of the members of HUT, are under scanner.

Apart from Jihadi literature, some technical equipment was also seized.

Air guns, knives, sword sticks (guptis) and swords were confiscated, and the police are inquiring into the purpose of keeping such weapons.

According to sources, the members of HUT were planning to commit a major crime.

One of the aims of HUT is to recruit youths in the organisation and train them, so that they may declare a Jihad against the government.

According to sources, police are probing how many youths are associated with the organisation. Such youths as were recruited by HUT are being questioned on the grounds of the phone numbers.

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