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First Express Train to Native Village in Eleven2 Years Flagged Off by President Murmu

First Express Train to Native Village in Eleven2 Years Flagged Off by President Murmu
First Express Train to Native Village in Eleven2 Years Flagged Off by President Murmu

The first presentation of an express train to the inhabitants of Rairangpur, the birthplace of President Draupadi Murmu, brought the town into the national limelight on November 21.

During her visit to Odisha, President Murmu unveiled three new trains from Badampahar station. The trains that this train runs on are the Badampahar – Rourkela – Badampahar Weekly Express, the Tatanagar – Badampahar – Tatanagar MEMU Service, and the Shalimar – Badampahar – Shalimar Weekly Express.

While addressing the gathering, President Draupadi Murmu made the statement, “The development of any area depends on the connectivity of that area “. Services like the postal service, highways, and railroads make people’s lives easier.

The three trains that were inaugurated today will make going to adjacent states like Jharkhand and West Bengal simpler for locals, she noted. She assured me that it would not be a problem to visit Rourkela, an industrial town in Odisha.

Even though cell phones and courier services are commonplace nowadays, the president claims that India Post is still very important. An important event has taken place in the region with the establishment of the Rairangpur Postal Division. Her primary source of assurance was the convenience of mail delivery for people in this area.

A variety of governmental initiatives are aimed at bettering the lives of indigenous people, as stated by the president. She made the point that the current budget is almost three times bigger than the one for the 2013–14 fiscal year.

She stressed that inclusive development cannot be achieved without first ensuring the growth of indigenous people. This is the reason the federal government is prioritizing the well-being of indigenous populations.

She advocated for the younger members of the tribe to take part in government initiatives. She went on to say that taking the initiative oneself is just as important for development. Hence, youths shouldn’t stop up trying to make their lives better.

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On this year’s Janjatiya Gaurav Divas, the President made an announcement about the launch of the PM JANMAN (PM- Janjati Adivasi Nyaya Maha Abhiyan) program to assist in the development of PVTGs. This, she said, is a huge victory for our indigenous brothers and sisters. She expressed hope that this project will bring the people of Amrit kaal together for development and help India achieve its development goals.

The president traveled to Rairangpur on the Badampahar-Shalimar Express after the event. No quick train service has ever been available to the president’s hamlet and the neighboring areas. Residents of this area have been patiently waiting for fast trains, and their wait was finally ended today, even though local rail service began in 1911.

She did triple duty at the event: she produced a special cover commemorating the Rairangpur Postal Division, she literally opened the new division, and she also lay the cornerstone for the rebuilding of Badampahar Railway station.

The minister of railways, Ashwini Vaishnaw, said ANI on that very day, “This region is the centre of indigenous culture.” Earlier today, the President formally launched three trains that set off from Badampahar. Here we see Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s commitment to uplifting all areas, especially tribal populations, in action.

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