Colourful Controversy: Mamata Banerjee Takes On BJP’s Palette Play in Indian Cricket Jerseys at Metro Stations

NationalColourful Controversy: Mamata Banerjee Takes On BJP's Palette Play in Indian Cricket...


On Friday, the chief minister of West Bengal, Mamata Banerjee, accused the BJP central government of saffronise institutes in the country, consisting of the cricket team of India, whose saffron-coloured jerseys. Ms Banerjee spoke at the inauguration at Posta Bazaar in Kolkata. She said that the BJP introduced the saffron-coloured jerseys for the Indian cricket team, which are in the works at a metro station. 

Saffron cricket jerseys

Mamata Banerjee disapproved and said they are trying to paint the whole country with saffron-coloured jerseys. We are proud of the Indian team players, and I believe they are champions of the World Cup. But the BJP brought the jerseys in saffron colours, and our boys practice in these coloured jerseys. The metro stations are also painted with saffron colour. It is unacceptable, said Mamata. 

Without saying anyone’s name, Ms Banerjee denounced what she referred to as partisan politics. The Trinamool chief of congress said I do not have issues with the statues, but they try to turn all in saffron colour. I saw that Mayawati had made the statue. Afterwards, I have not heard anything like it. These theatrics do not lead to benefits always. Power comes and goes. 

India belongs to the BJP.

On the saffron-coloured jerseys, Ms Banerjee said that our country belongs to the Janata party and people. Her sharp remark reactions from BJP dubbed the reflections of allegations of approach. The leader of the BJP, Rahul Sinha, said that she might question the national flag of saffron coloured after a few days. We do not deem it suitable to even react to such statements. 

BJP government prompted some crores on ads but stopped because of funds problem of states, said Ms Banerjee. Thus, it deprives the thousands of MGNREGA workers of the state. Further, she said that we are fighting for party power in Delhi. 

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What does Banerjee talk about at the Bengal Global Business Summit 

Ms Banerjee talked about the edition of the Bengal Global Business Summit and claimed that over 70,000 businessmen left the country. These businessmen show interest in investing in the country, and money is used there. But, now they move out. She hopes to have good sense prevail later. 

Further, she also said to stay united. Never listen to anyone. We work, and they go for ads. Instead of giving ad money to workers, the workers will not be cried for 100-day work money. 

Why team dress colour is saffron

The chief minister said they believe the Indian cricket team won the World Cup. The team’s dress colour is saffron, so the metro stations give shade. It also adds that there is no objection publicly in the name of the country or leader of the state. Power comes and goes, but peace is more important for the whole country, Ms Banerjee said 


Recently, Mamata Banerjee gave statements and said that BJP party colours are now used to make cricket team jerseys. It shows that our entire country belongs to the BJP. 

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