Badland of ‘badla’ reverberates with sounds of gunshots again

NationalBadland of ‘badla’ reverberates with sounds of gunshots again


Six of a family fall to bullets in Morena village on the banks of the Chambal River

Amit Bishnoi

Who can forget the dialogue from a 1972-Bollywood blockbuster Bindiya aur Bandook – Chambal ki kasam mita de bindiya utha le bandook?

This dialogue aptly describes the atmosphere of the Chambal ravines. The banks of the Chambal River were again echoed with the sounds of gunshots. Six members of a family tumbled to the ground iced. The earth was speckled with blood once again.

The incident occurred because of a decades-old dispute between two families, but there was nothing new in such cases in the ravines of Chambal.

The flowing water of the river has been a witness to such incidents for a long time. The ravines reverberated with the sounds of gunshots for umpteen times.

Who can forget Dau Man Singh, Roopa Singh, Putli Bai, Sultan Singh, Kalyan Singh, Kusma Nain and Phoolan Devi? Most of the characters have been filmed. Still, they were real and roamed about the ravines, carrying guns.

Yet, such a mass killing as took place on Friday happened after a long time. The incident occurred in Lepa-Bhidosa village associated with the dreaded outlaw Pan Singh Tomar who was a soldier in the Indian Army.

He took a plunge into the ravines of Chambal, after liquidating two of his family members. This is now history.

After the murders, additional superintendent of police Rai Singh Narwaria said among the deceased were three women and three male members of a family.

It was 9:30 am. Gajendra Singh’s family began their daily chores. Everything was quiet. Out of the blue, Dheer Singh and his cohorts came, and began to shoot at the family members of Gajendra Singh.

Before shooting the six members of the family, Dheer Singh and his chums had beaten them up. Their pleadings for mercy fell on deaf ears. A video of the incident went viral on social media.

Immediately after the incident, people ran everywhere. On getting information, the police rushed to the spot.

They arrested Dheer Singh and Rajjo Devi who was supplying cartridges.

The police registered a case against Bhupendra Singh, Sonu Tomar, Shyamu Tomar, Monu Tomar, Dheer Singh Tomar, Ramu Tomar, Gourav Tomar and Rajjo Devi.

The dispute dated back to 2013 when the sons of Deer Singh and Gajendra Singh entered into a fight that led to firing from both sides.

Two accomplices of Dheer Singh lost their lives. The case went to the court. Two members of Gajendra Singh’s family were sent to prison and others left the village to live a peaceful life.

A few days ago, Dheer Singh’ family pretended to reach a compromise over the issue.

Consequently, Gajendra Singh’s family returned to the village without knowing what was in store for them.

As part of compromise, Dheer Singh took Rs 10 lakh and a house from Gajendrea Singh.

Still, Dheer Singh never forgot the day when his two accomplices were shot dead.

He was waiting for an opportune time and pounced upon Gajendra Singh’s family, killing six members.

The police, too, swung into action and raided the hideouts of the killers.

Chambal region, however, needs a change in the lifestyle and the mindset of its people, since it is the bad land of badla (revenge).

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