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World Heart Day: How much do you listen to your heart?


World Heart Day is celebrated on 29th September every year. This year’s theme is “Use heart for every heart”. It means World Heart Day provides a chance for each one of us to stop and understand how we can use our hearts best for humanity, nature, and for people in general. The day is observed every year to understand how to manage heart-related illnesses that affect people from young to old.

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While people get to know how their heart functions medically and technically from health professionals, how much do you understand your heart and its plight? How well do you care for your heart when it is aching emotionally? How much do you stop when a needy person comes to you asking for genuine help? How many times have you asked for forgiveness for the mistakes that you have done intentionally and unintentionally?

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How well do you relate to other people’s hearts who care for you and want to protect you from all sorts of harm that is there in this world? How often have you taken decisions from your heart and not from the toxic brain that is quite calculative and materialistic by nature? All these questions are something that you should sit on this day and have answers for. 

You may think that your heart starts getting ill or develops disease only due to physical health issues. Well, that is partly correct. But the majority of the people who suffer or go through heart-related ailments have unfulfilled desires and wishes that they regret not having achieved in their lives. They live for others and sacrifice their own happiness and satisfaction. Some are selfless while some are too selfish. Why there is no balance achieved? is something that they also don’t know while they are leading their lives.

Say, if you wanted to become a singer and your parents or partner forced you into a profession, not of your choice, you will never be able to rule in that profession because your heart lies somewhere else. So many people marry out of attraction to others and consider that as their true love. However, when the tables turn and they go through the worst times, that’s when they realize that true love was never a genuine one. How many people stand firm and try to solve their life’s problems rather than ignoring them and living miserably?

“Just leave it” should be policy if you are unsure of what you should do in life, is what many people think. But that’s not how it is always. Sometimes you need to become serious and realize the consequences of the actions that you think because you listened only to your brain – ego and pride. Sometimes you should bow down to your heart and ask it why is it burning or aching when it sees others are happier in their lives. Those are the self-reflection times when you should know how to manage your heart and its desires and come out of your comfort zone.

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