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Woman’s CV with homemaker experience goes viral

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These days, people add interesting things to their resumes or CVs so that they look professional and attract the eyeballs of employers. If there is any gap in the employment history, then people try to justify those gaps by showing some gig jobs or additional courses so that they are not misunderstood as jobless or good for nothing by the hiring managers. Today we are going to talk about a woman who used an interesting tactic to fill the 13-year gap in her job history. She listed the experience that she gained in the 13 years working as a homemaker and mentioned the valuable skills she gained during the tenure.

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The woman’s CV was shared by Yugansh Chokra, founder of content marketing company Growthic on LinkedIn. The post read, “We saw this CV, she has 13 years of experience as a homemaker. Definitely, something that can make her stand out.” After that, Yugansh also added, “And the reason I love this is because managing a family is a real task, something that can’t be undervalued. Less than 20% of women in India are working in a professional capacity. Gender gaps in housework participation are the largest among couples with children. It’s a real job, you can’t just discount the amount of work someone has to do to manage a family.” He ended his post with a question, “Thoughts on this type of CV?”

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The CV shared by Yugansh shows how the woman left her last job in July 2009. During that job, she took on the responsibility of the recruitment process management. Presently a homemaker with 13 years of experience, the woman’s CV showed how she ensured that her home has been managed efficiently and with full dedication and devotion.

The post got more than 500 reactions on LinkedIn within a few days of being shared. A person wrote in the comments section, “Managing a household really is a full-time job. It’s great to see this experience being highlighted on a CV”. Another person wrote, “Mentioning Homemaker as an experience is noteworthy, and this truly reflects the open mindset of the person to be able to add qualitative value to something which is usually sidelined and considered a minimal task by the society.” 

Many others appreciated the woman’s ability to reveal her true self despite the professional gap. People also reshared their CVs and expressed their positive thoughts on the post. 

This kind of CV may attract only the right recruiter as in the corporate world, people consider a gap of even a few months as an excuse for not living up to the expectations posted in the cut-throat competitive world. It is indeed true that the world is becoming more mean and narrow-minded when it comes to accepting the vulnerabilities of humans. However, in the same world, there are people like Yugansh who don’t make fun of honest people and instead share their unique stories with the world through platforms like LinkedIn. There should be more such stories of not just women but also men who fail to have a stable professional life but still give try to create some difference in the world.

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