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Woman leaves her job 3 days after joining

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Becoming a part of the new workplace can be quite an emotional moment for many. Like understanding what is the new job role, finding out the behavioral patterns of new colleagues, and living up to the expectations of the work culture. However, despite all these things, a woman shared a post on Reddit explaining why and how she left her new job within three days of joining the same. She also asked the users on Reddit to share their views on whether she has overreacted.

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The Reddit user wrote, “I started work for a company on Monday. Wednesday, the boss called me in to chew me out … and it led to me quitting. I would appreciate some insight as to whether I was justified in doing so, or if I’m overreacting.” She also explained how her boss scolded her for not doing work, spending more than 10 minutes in the bathroom, and not revealing to her boss that she earlier had mental health issues.

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Further, she wrote on the platform, “He questioned why I wasn’t doing work when it was piling up. (He never assigned me any work, it was my colleague and mentor who assigned me work, which I was, in fact, doing.) He accused me of disappearing for ages (I was in the toilet for 10+ minutes, and he questioned why I took so long to go to the toilet, when I said it was because of constipation, he said I should have declared this issue to him during the interview too). She further explained, “When I explained all the above to him, he accused me of being argumentative. He then told me he was giving me until tomorrow (which is today) to decide if I am able to work there. I told him I didn’t need till tomorrow, and said I was resigning effective immediately.”

The woman also explained how her dad wasn’t happy at all about her job situation and said that she should have toughed it out. She further asked the internet users whether she did the right thing or if should she have stayed back. The woman’s post got nearly 11,000 upvotes within 12 hours of sharing the details. It has also got many comments from people.

Some users told her that she took the right decision and wished her well for the next job. While some users told her to take legal action against the employer for commenting on her mental health and constipation problem. Some users called the boss and workplace to be promoting toxic work culture. 

While it is okay to keep sensitive information about mental health and common health issues hidden from the employer, the way the woman was questioned for not doing her work just on the 3rd day of her work by the boss was not comfortable. The boss should have been polite to make the new joinee understand her responsibilities and get the best out of her. Rather than forcing her to quit by making comments on her overall health and work performance. Not every employee takes up the responsibility or understands the company’s vision immediately by joining the workplace. A lot comes into the hands of the HR or immediate supervisor to make the new joinee comfortable with the new workplace and work culture.

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