Why taking it easy is the only solution for a good mind

I am just so upset about facing such an ordeal in my life.
soap bubble
Image by Alexa from Pixabay

"Take it easy, don't panic and hurt yourself more," said an elderly woman to a young woman who was sharing how she is bullied at her college. The young woman said, "My life is a living hell. I am not able to make good friends. The ones whom I trust are really cunning. They copied all my hard worked assignments and scored good marks on their exams. But there is no thankfulness. They gossip about my looks with whoever they meet in college. They call me by some bad nicknames that I don't like at all. And when I tell them that I am not interested to stay in touch with them because they are not ethical people, they call me outdated or backdated. What to do? I am just so upset about facing such an ordeal in my life." 

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As the young woman was sharing her sob story, the elderly woman said, "These things keep happening here and there. But that doesn't mean you should take such pity things so seriously and give your attention to them. You can simply ignore your so-called friends' talks and focus on your career. I am sure you will reach new heights and your improved career achievements will shut everyone's mouths who is hurling abuses and bitching talks against you. More important in your life has to be your self-love and nothing else. You need to start to learn to take things easy. Just relax and calm your mind when you hear such rubbish talks. I am sure you will have a good future with a lot of adoration for your hard work. The right people will come into your life at the right time and bring back the glory that you deserve in your life." 

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As the elderly woman shared her wisdom, the young woman gave her a tight hug and thanked her for the worldly view. She spoke calmly and decided to give her life and career more focus and attention than things that are not in her control. She decided to become bold and brave rather than sitting like a coward and not enjoying success and happiness in life. She believed that every small win needs to have a celebration and thus, decided to accept her flaws and mistakes as they come. She decided to move on in her friendships and eventually became more independent in her life.

From the above story, we learn simple wisdom about life. We make a mountain out of a molehill by reacting to every situation that comes our way. However, we don't realize that not everyone is perfect and comes with the same level of aptitude, attitude, and humane feelings. Some people are hard-hearted while some are soft-hearted. We can connect with the ones who understand our viewpoints and decide to spend our life and time with them rather than thinking about those who don't really understand what we try to say. The world's major problems can be solved when we just take a chill pill. Think about it.