Which type of Mangoes do you like?

During the season of mangoes which usually starts from April every year to August, one can find different types of mangoes in the Indian markets.
mangoes kept in a bucket
Image by Rattakarn_ from Pixabay

There are different types of mangoes that you can get in India. After all, people call the nation the LAND OF MANGOES. Mangoes are the King of the Fruits and one can note that there are 1,500 varieties of mangoes that are growing in the country. Every variety of mango comes with a different taste, color, and shape. During the season of mangoes which usually starts from April every year to August, one can find different types of mangoes in the Indian markets.

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Totapuri Mangoes:

You can identify this type of mango as greenish in color and as the name suggests, it looks like a parrot's beak. The taste of Totapuri mangoes is mild and this mango comes from states like Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, and Karnataka. Totapuri mangoes are great for making pickles, salads, and even Aam Panna.


If you have been to Maharashtra, you will find this type of mango in the majority of the places. This mango variety is also now grown in Gujarat and a few parts of Karnataka. Coming with a saffron color, Hapus is one of the sweetest and costliest mangoes that also have lovers in other parts of the world.

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Sindhura mangoes are sweet and have a very good aroma that makes you feel yummilicious in your mouth. Sindhura is different in appearance and has red color on the outside. It comes with yellow flesh and its flesh is also yellow in color which makes it look very good while preparing mango shakes.


This mango variety is bigger than other Alphonso varieties. It is usually produced in Andhra Pradesh and Banaganapalle of Kurnool district. Comes with an oval shape and light yellowish color, the mango variety is almost 14 cm in length and has very smooth skin.


This famous Ratnagiri Aam comes from the regions of Maharashtra such as Raigad, Konkan, Devgarh, Ratnagiri, etc. It is one of the costliest mangoes and also one of the best varieties of mangoes. On the top of Ratnagiri mango comes a red tinge. 

Mangoes are famous in every part of the country as they can be used to prepare various dishes like Mango kheer, Aam ras, Aam Shrikhand, Mango Salad, Mango cakes, mango ice cream, and even mango rice. Any mango type always tastes good because of the way it has been grown.

In your social circle, you might not find even a single person who doesn't like mangoes because they are cherished by everyone who has eaten different varieties of mangoes. If you plan to buy mangoes and enjoy different dishes of mangoes or simply cut and slices of mangoes, make sure to buy the right mangoes from good quality shops. Do not go to shops that sell mangoes at quite a lesser rate than the market rate because they may not be good for your health as they may have been grown using fertilizers and colors.

Apart from mango varieties, you can also find raw mangoes that can be used to prepare mango pachadi, raw mango rice, raw mango rasam, aam Panna, Kairi curry, and raw mango chutney among others.