When people misunderstand you to the core

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Misunderstandings are a part of every relationship that occurs in one’s life. But if you are a victim of misunderstandings that whenever people meet you, they feel like only shouting at you or accusing you of something, then there is something that you MUST do in your life. It is to take a stand and be firm in your actions and decisions. For example, if you asked for the fees of a particular course from your parents and they are hell-bent that you will not join the course because they don’t find any future scope in it, then you need to speak up. Instead of helping their misunderstandings about you and your career growth, you need to clear the air by talking clearly and confidently.

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Now if you are someone who is habituated to listening to the accusations and insults by others, then probably you will live like that always. But if you feel suffocated and don’t want to be the victim of insults, then it is time that you learn to express yourself freely and also confidently. You need to learn about your behavioral patterns and know why you attract negativity in your life. Say, for example, your boss shouts at you when you don’t complete the given tasks on time, then tell your boss firmly that he cannot blame you entirely for everything. There is a reason for the delay in the work commitments and a certain amount of flexibility and a support system will help you complete the given tasks on time every time. If your boss still insists that it is YOU who is always delaying the work, then probably you are working with a person who has always misunderstood your hard work and sincerity.

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You cannot leave people behind or cut off them just because they misunderstand you. Instead, you should learn to open up about your problems, give them a different perspective and also help them to help you in life so that you all are on the same page. If your elder sibling thinks that you are wasting time on a project that has no practical value, then you need to help them get a different perspective by showing how it helps you in life. You can simply complete the project and give them the success rate or you can help them know that not every project needs to have a practical value and that some projects can be also done to get happiness or meaning in life.

If your spouse misunderstands you for hiding information that he thinks is vital for him to know, you need to put your guns down and calmly prove your point. You need to explain the situations that you were into that made you conceal the important information from him. You need to convince how you didn’t mean to hurt him or cheat him by hiding the information. You need to prove your truthfulness by expressing yourself well and not crying or shouting at others for misunderstanding you every time.

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