When life shatters your hopes

LifestyleWhen life shatters your hopes


What do we do when the job that we anticipated to be ours became someone else’s? What do we do when the person whom we loved so much told us that they no longer need us? What do we do when our kids whom we cherish so much in our lives ask us not to interfere in their lives anymore? What do we do when our friends or siblings whom we trust so much one day ask us not to talk to them or ask them about their whereabouts?

When one job ends, it is time to restart a new journey

Life is a different journey. I will not say life is difficult or challenging always. There are good times as well but our heart always wants us to be smiling and hopeful. Whenever we feel the prick of our journey, we feel sad. Our hearts ache and tears start rolling down. We question our existence in life. We also blame God for giving us so many tragedies and difficulties. We also curse our existence at times because we don’t want to live in such bad times.

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In all the negative scenarios, if you really want to change your life, then understand that life is just temporary. All the negative and bad situations and thoughts that are haunting you and making you feel vulnerable will pass with time. There will be a sunrise soon in your life as well if you keep looking for opportunities to grow and learn in your life. If you remain rigid that you will not change and things should happen to you the way you always want, then it is not possible.

Change is the law of nature, the reason we change the calendar month after month, day after day, year after year, is because changes are expected always. You cannot use the same old thinking patterns and get success in your new life in the 21st century. What you are doing today may not be applicable tomorrow and sometimes what was done in the ancient past will get recognized and people will start following those habits. 

When you think about how realistic the world is, that’s when you attain a worldly view. That’s when you will have a grateful heart for all that you have in your life. Remember you are the chosen one for this life. God has designed your life exactly how you were destined to be. If there are challenges, pray to God to give you more power and clarity to come out successfully. If there are good times, then cherish them. Take selfies, pictures, and videos, post them on social media, and create an album full of memories that you can look at and smile at when things don’t seem to be under your control.

Remember life is the biggest teacher and she will never teach you anything wrong. Every situation that comes your way is a chance for your betterment. When you think of it in that manner, that’s when you will transform for the good. Not just for your good, but for the betterment of the world. You will realize your true potential from all the situations that you were put into and one fine day thank LIFE for giving you a beautiful journey.

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