What you can do apart from using social media

So, if you are a victim of social media addiction or excess usage, here are some ideas to do with your life apart from scrolling, liking, and commenting.
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Image by Firmbee from Pixabay

Social media is the rising online platform group that is available for people above 18+ to network, connect, and even do their research. If you have been an avid social media user, you would know how you have set a routine to follow the updates of your favorite celebrities and get a peek into their daily lives. You would find companies setting up their social media presence regularly to keep their fans and followers updated about what is happening within and outside the organization. But anything in excess is not good and so, being a social media addict too has its own disadvantages.

What is Online Research?

There have been reports lately of many celebrities opting out of their social media handles because they are unable to tolerate the criticism and trolling that comes by users who have nothing to do with their lives. It can also be noted that even common people get affected by using social media by comparing their lives with successful and happy people and thus, falling into the trap of faking their smiles to post selfies when their lives are already a mess. No wonder why people who keep scrolling through their social media feeds on a daily basis complain of problems like anxiety, loneliness, and depression in their lives at a later stage.

What is Social Media Marketing? 

So, if you are a victim of social media addiction or excess usage, here are some ideas to do with your life apart from scrolling, liking, and commenting.

1) Read books of your favorite genre:

I am sure everyone likes to read and that's why they keep checking the updates on social media. How about reigniting your reading habit by reading books that are inspirational by nature. How about referring to these books and bringing about some transformational changes in your life. Think about it and I am sure you will see positive results once you start this beneficial habit.

2) Meet people by visiting their homes or in public places:

The majority of the time we want to sit at our homes and keep chatting with our friends and relatives and get their updates as well. But in reality, what is happening with those in their homes or in real life that you cannot make out if you just believe in everything on social media. So, it is better you take a step ahead, call your friend and ask him or her to meet you at your favorite coffee shop. You can even consider meeting your relatives at their homes by getting some gifts for them during your visit. The stories that you would share with each other during face-to-face interactions would be far better than just chatting, texting, and video calling.

3) Get yourself entertained:

You need not always binge-watch movies on YouTube or OTT platforms and consider that the ultimate entertainment. Entertainment is anything that makes you happy and satisfied in your life. You can simply go for a walk, sit in a park and see how children laugh their hearts out when they play and have fun. You can even consider chit-chatting with your partners or parents in a natural environment and also enjoy scenic views in the process.