Ways To Prevent Conjunctivitis!

LifestyleWays To Prevent Conjunctivitis!


Lifestyle Desk – Conjunctivitis is a viral infection, also known as eye flu. Red and itchy eyes are some common symptoms. During the onset of monsoon, the chances of being infected with conjunctivitis increase. It makes it difficult to focus on daily activities. So, here we bring some tips to fight against conjunctivitis.


Hygiene can prevent conjunctivitis. You need to avoid touching your eyes with unwashed hands. Make sure you frequently wash your hands, especially after touching shared devices. It will protect to transfer of germs and bacteria into your eyes.

Soft Cloth

As the increased moisture and humidity in the air cause itching in the eyes. But you need to avoid to rub eyes with your hands. Take a clean and soft cloth to gently dab your eyes.

Lubricating Eye Drops

Lubricating eye drops are the best thing you can use. It will keep your eyes moist and wash away irritants in your eyes. Do consult an eye specialist before using eye drops.

No Sharing

To prevent conjunctivitis, avoid sharing personal things like towels, handkerchiefs, and contact lenses. Sharing these things can transfer the infection.


Whenever you go out wear sunglasses. It will not only protect your eyes from UV rays but also act as a barrier against dust. It will reduce the risk of eye flu.

If you experience symptoms like itching or a sticky discharge, then immediately consult a doctor.


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