Valentine’s Day celebrated for rebellion, how it became ‘day of love’

LifestyleValentine’s Day celebrated for rebellion, how it became ‘day of love’


Today, Valentine’s Day is being celebrated all over the country. All couples wait all year round for this day of 14 February. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in memory of Saint Valentin. It is an English traditional festival which was initially known as ‘Saint Valentines Day’. But today it is celebrated as ‘Day of Love’ due to the works of famous English writer Geoffrey Chaucer.

Today’s couples will remember the full calendar of Valentine’s Day, but very few people will know why this day is celebrated. Why do we celebrate this day and what is its history, let us tell you today. Also know 5 similar things related to Valentine’s Week that you should know.

Talking about the history of celebrating Valentine’s Day, Claudius II of Rome was against the marriage of lovers. Saint Valentin, then the clergyman, married these loving couples by stealing. Valentine’s Day is celebrated in his memory. Behind Valentines is not love, but the importance of waging rebellion to find love.

Today, we propose our crush in Valentine’s Week and start the relationship. But in the olden days, there was a week-long festival like celebrating Valentines. Its name was ‘Wearing your heart on your sleeve’.

Throughout this festival, single boys used to write their names in a bowl. Then later he picked up a slip for himself. Spread that slip on the sleeve of your shirt all week. This is how our love was discovered.

According to a survey, 73% of men buy flowers to make their partner happy on Valentine’s Day. We make bouquets. But on the other hand, less than 27 percent are women who take flowers for a partner. Where is justice?

According to the survey, there are very few women who take flowers on Valentine’s Day for a partner, but according to another research, women are ahead in the race to get gifts on valentines. But here too there is a different point. Half of the 85 percent of the women who take the gift take it for themselves.

Red color or red pink was never associated with love before. Red color was always used for anger and revenge. But for the first time, the country of Rome named the color red as love and called the red rose a sign of love. Since then, red color was also associated with love with danger.

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