Wonder what small town travel will teach you?

For example, I visited my native village recently which has only 15 families in the village. 
mountains lake in the town
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Many and several things are in store for you to learn if you visit a small town. Because the way people live in a small town and lead their lives is one of the amazing success stories for people all over the world. With less income and few resources, they remain happy and content in their lives. For example, I visited my native village recently which has only 15 families in the village. The way each family lived in a small home, from elderly parents to small babies all in harmony was something I loved the most. The way they cooked the meals for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner with the limited number of items in their kitchen was something I was stunned about. The way the male members of the home went to work and returned with satisfaction that they did their jobs, was something I find missing even in the CEOs of top organizations in the cities.

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When you visit a small town, most of your journey will be on the roads. For example, if you plan to visit a nearby lake, you will be asked to just walk from one place to another rather than taking a bike or car. You will be asked to enjoy the steps while you walk towards the fixed destination. You will hardly find any pollution in small towns with no need of wearing a mask because people are quite a few and there is no need for social distancing as well. You will find homes with not many artificial decorations but all creativity, drawings, sculptures, pottery, etc. done outside their homes on the walls.

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Every home in the small town is designed with sheer hard work and natural imagination. For example, the small town people really don't need ACs as they just have to open their doors and get a fresh breath of air when the temperature rises or the electricity goes off. They are happy with the candles and diyas that they light at home during the evening when there is no power. They are content with the small TV sets that they find amusing to watch all the TV serials that run on various channels. They are happy to share their TV viewing with their neighbors or local people who don't have TV sets in their own homes.

They are okay to share their mobiles too if the need arises. Like, when there was a coronavirus lockdown, many children were forced to get lessons through mobile phones from their teachers. So, it was quite caring for villagers to come in and help each other by giving their smartphones to families who had children at home wanting to study and get their lessons. It can be learned that people in the village help each other without many expectations.

Their ambition in life is to work well, eat well, sleep well and do something for the future generations so that it can be a smooth ride for them when it comes to living in a village, city, or a foreign country. Have you traveled to a small town yet? If not, explore this opportunity and share your lessons in the comments below.