Traveling to a theatre with an aged parent

As he started aging, he reduced going out because of his fear of falling. 
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People of any age-group love to explore different forms of entertainment. I remember my father used to take me to a nearby theatre where they would arrange live musical programs of classical singers once every three months. As he started aging, he reduced going out because of his fear of falling. Then he switched to watching movies and songs on the television set but whenever my brother used to return with his friends after watching a movie, he would enquire to know how was the theatre experience. It seems even though he was missing watching a movie in a theatre but due to his physical limitations, he started withdrawing himself from going out.


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If you have an elderly parent at home who too wants to enjoy things like the youngsters watching movies in theatres but are holding themselves back due to old age illnesses or fear of the unknown, here are some tips to help them travel.

1) Book a ticket in the nearest theatre available:

You can book a family movie or a clean film on BookMyShow and book the tickets for the seats that are not too in the front row and neither too many in the back rows. It is because it would become difficult for them to climb the stairs every time they get down during restroom breaks or movie intervals. So, it would be better to book the seats for the BookMyShow of a good film that is in the middle or above the middle row seats. Also, book seats that are premium so that your elderly parents get enough space to stretch their legs and be seated for a couple of hours if they have knee issues, etc. 

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2) Avoid 3D movies if they have glasses:

I have observed that elderly people usually wear glasses due to their declining eyesight and when they have to wear 3D glasses over their glasses, they become a little hesitant. You can avoid such movies and take them for simple movie experiences that don't have a lot of thriller, horror, and violence. This will enjoy a gala time, laughing at the jokes or watching a story that touches their hearts. Avoid movies with Adult certification because you know how these days every movie has a couple of love-making scenes that make them feel awkward to watch in front of their children and loved ones.

3) Hold their hands throughout the journey:

They may hesitate when you say you would like to take them to a theatre. Considering the crowd is usually youngsters or middle-aged people, aged people would feel like the odd men out in the group. Instead of making them isolated in the crowd, give them the assurance that you will always hold their hands wherever you go. Also, don't order outside foods that are available outside the movie theatre if they are not comfortable eating them. You can instead take them to a good restaurant that would be nearby so that they can eat sitting in a proper place and also follow hygienic practices.