Travel to connect with your ancestral roots

We then came to Mumbai when your grandpa passed away due to heart failure.
village and greenery
Image by andrea candraja from Pixabay

"Maa, where is your village located?" asked an 8th-class child to his mother. "How did you learn to speak in Marathi?" was his other question. "Where did grandpa work?" was his third question. Getting so many questions from her child made Maya curious about why suddenly her son was so interested in her background. Maya sat next to her son and started narrating her story. "Beta, I belong to a village in the Palghat district of Kerala. Your grandpa used to work for the railways and had a posting in the Bhusawal region in Maharashtra. When I was born, we used to live in a bungalow in Bhusawal and my schooling happened there only. That's how I learned to speak and write in Marathi." 

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"We then came to Mumbai when your grandpa passed away due to heart failure. I got a job here in Dadar and that's how we shifted to Mumbai. I met your dad through a mutual friend and we got married and thus, we are staying in Mumbai for the last 10 years," said Maya to her young son. "Maa, then have you been to this Palghat? How is your village? Is it how they show in the movies a lot of greenery and small houses? Maa, I really want to travel to Palghat. Can we go to this place of yours during my Diwali vacation? Please maa, don't reject my idea." Maya was happy to see the newfound wisdom from her child to explore their ancestral roots.

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Maya immediately said yes and they booked a flight ticket to Coimbatore from where they could take a cab to Palghat and stay in their village hotel. Maya's son Abhi wanted to know what Maya's village looked like. He wanted to learn his native language and meet the people out there. He wanted to learn their dressing sense and also connect back to his ancestral roots because he felt so natural. When he came back from the vacation, he wrote an essay on how he benefitted from visiting his ancestral village.

Abhi wrote that he found his visit to his ancestral village the best time of his life. There was all-around peace and calmness that he couldn't experience in the busy city life. He said he visited the village temple which made him know how the ancient architecture of the temple was built. He recommended to his friends to visit their village once in a while so that they know where they come from and are grounded in their roots. One shouldn't live in false pride and ego in life and always feel grateful to their ancestors because it is due to them that the current generations are enjoying the benefits and comforts of life.

Traveling to the ancestral village also helps to know how your ancestors took a lot of effort to build their home, their name, and their reputation in society. It will give you a ray of new hopes and aspirations in life to lead a meaningful life in the long run by taking inspiration from your forefathers and ancestors.