Travel tips for freshers, Millenials, and Gen Z

So, here are some tips for the freshers or the younger generations to get started with your travel journey.

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Image by pasja1000 from Pixabay

Travel must be undertaken at least once a year as a short trip for the first-timers or beginners. If you have recently passed out of your high school or college and are willing to watch out the world for how it is rather than how movies and the internet make it out to be, then pack your bags and get started. You may not have a huge budget to travel for several days to the costliest international destination. So, here are some tips for the freshers or the younger generations to get started with your travel journey.

Things You Should Know Before International Travel

1) Do complete research:

If you have already fixed up a destination you want to visit, then no problem. But if you want to visit a place that is quite interesting and draws you towards the same, then take time out to do full research. Plan things quite in advance, including the booking dates for trains or flights and hotels or accommodation. Do not go by the promotional offers or the comments section of the users on various websites. You may feel cheated if you don't get the same experience. So, it is better to travel during the off-season and to a place that fits your budget and time as well.

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2) Prepare a travel budget:

For example, if you have 10,000rs with you that you have saved all these years through your pocket money or gifts, you can draw up a budget of how you will utilize the money in the best possible way. Do not spend it by living in bigger hotels and booking flight tickets without any deals. Instead, keep some money with you to even do some good shopping and also help you to travel in an alternative mode in case the flights or trains get canceled.

3) Learn the local language:

If you are going to travel like a tourist, you will definitely feel looted by the exorbitant prices that you will be charged as soon as you enter the destination, right from the taxi person till you reach the hotel and also go out to do some shopping. Instead, check out what is the local cuisine, language, culture, and habits out there and become a local person when you check out different places. You will not only capture interesting moments with your camera but also make new friends who will be really surprised when you exchange a few words and get the right direction.

4) Go for a rental homestay or a lodge:

If you plan to stay for many numbers of days, living in a hotel be it of any star, will put a dent in your pockets. Instead, you can look for places that offer homestay options. You can even prepare meals there by buying the local fruits and vegetables instead of spending a lot on the hotel and street foods and upsetting your stomach. 

Last but not the least, don't share your private details with anyone. This includes even your Aadhaar number and Pan Card details. You should share your mobile number only with the officials whom you meet in the restaurants, hotels, and even the places you check-in, and that too only if you are asked for the same with a valid reason. Otherwise never share your confidential details with any local stranger as you may get duped unknowingly, thus spoiling your travel journey.