Things that will amaze you about Kanwar Yatra 2022

Devotees of Lord Shiva all over the country and the world worship Bholenath with Kanwar. 
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Sawan month has begun on the 14th of July this year. This month is special for devotees of Lord Shiva as they take part in Kanwar Yatra since the start of Sawan month. Devotees of Lord Shiva all over the country and the world worship Bholenath with Kanwar. Many Shiva temples have Rudrabhishekam done and also devotees worship Lord Shiva at their homes.

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Devotees of Lord Shiva who take part in the Kanwar Yatra are called Kanwariyas. Devotees after taking a holy dip in the Ganga river carry the Kanwar on their shoulders. The Kanwar is created using bamboo and pitchers are fixed on the opposite ends. Kanwariyas offer Ganga water to Lord Shiva by walking without footwear to please Lord Shiva. While there are some Kanwariyas who use different modes of transport to travel.

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Devotees of Lord Shiva bring Ganga Jal from different parts of the nation such as Gaumukh, Rishikesh, Haridwar, and Gangotri in North India, and go back to their hometowns to put this holy water on the Shivaling that is at their homes or in the nearby temples. 

Kanwar Yatra 2022 Jal Date is on 26th July wherein Jalabhishek of Bholenath or Lord Shiva will take place. The most suitable time for Kanwar Yatra Jalabhishek is between 7.23 pm to 9.27 pm. This day is said to be Shivratri of Sawan month, which falls on Trayodashi tithi in the month of Shravan. Sawan month has also seen unmarried girls observing fasts or upwas every Monday so that they get a husband having the qualities of Lord Shiva.

As per a mythological story, in those times, there was a war between Gods and Asuras when they were churning to obtain Amrita, which is the symbol of immortality. As they were churning, poison came out and got spread in the sea for which Lord Shiva came ahead and drank the poison so that it doesn't spread all over the world and destroy humanity. However, he didn't let the poison go down beyond his throat and that's why Lord Shiva is known as Neelkanth. 

As per another legendary story, Ravana who was the biggest devotee of Lord Shiva brought Gangajal to Kanwar. It is believed that Ravana applied the Gangajal on Shivling through which Lord Shiva got rid of the poison that he had drunk in order to save the world. 

As per the Hindu scripture story, a huge follower of Lord Shiva who was Lord Parshuram initiated this Kanwar Yatra during Sawan month. The practice was then followed by other saints who were devotees of Lord Shiva. The fair during this time of the month i.e. 14th July to 26th July 2022 is called Shravan Mela.

You can visit Shiva temples during the month of Sawan and make prayers that are dedicated to Lord Shiva. Om Namaha Shivaya and Har Har Mahadev are simple one-line prayers that if offered with utmost faith and trust in God will give you immense peace and satisfaction in your life. You can also sing bhajans and read Lord Shiva stories to get blessings from God.