Skip visiting these Indian places during the monsoon

People that's why prefer traveling during the rainy season because NATURE is at its best.
rains on the car
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Monsoon is really one of the most beautiful seasons in the whole year. You can see the trees and birds singing in happiness because they are getting good rainwater to enjoy the cool season. People that's why prefer traveling during the rainy season because NATURE is at its best. However, there are certain destinations that are quite risky to travel to due to landslides, floods, waterlogging, etc. If you are a monsoon travel freak, make sure you keep these places out of your travel list.

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Kinnaur Valley is a beautiful place to visit once a year but not during the time of monsoon. It is because the destination is not safe to travel to during the months of monsoon every year. The weather over there becomes quite uncertain during this period and thus, it is advisable to avoid visiting Kinnaur. It has been noticed that Kinnaur has usually cases of landslides and cloudbursts happening due to non-stoppable rains. Thus, don't visit Kinnaur Valley from June to September. You can visit the destination between April to June or after the rainy season.

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Uttarakhand's weather is quite dicy in some parts of the state during the rainy season. One of the reasons that Uttarakhand is usually considered to be a crowded place is because of its nearness to the Delhi-NCR region. However, make sure that during the rains, you don't plan to make a visit to Uttarakhand because the place receives huge amounts of rainfall, thus leading to landslides, cloudbursts, and even floods. If you have an urgent trip to make to Uttarakhand then you can check out the weather alerts before venturing out to the place. Thus, even adventure lovers and trekkers avoid visiting Uttarakhand during the monsoon season.

If you really want to explore Bihar then it should be a non-monsoon period. You will get amazing locations to visit in Bihar from October to March. But avoid the rainy season as Bihar is usually flood-prone and its uncertain weather may hamper your vacation plans badly. One of the reasons for floods is also the presence of huge rivers like Gandak, Bagmati, Kosi, and Burhi.

You really don't want to spend a dull vacation with your loved ones. So, that's why skipping Darjeeling during the monsoon period will be useful to you. Because there are constant rain showers in Darjeeling during the rainy season, thus making people stay back at home most of the days. Also, wearing raincoats and wandering around the tea estates are not recommended for tourists because of slippery paths. You can instead plan for a summer holiday in Darjeeling. 

Without any doubt, Mumbai should be missed visiting from other states during the rainy season. This is because there are local train services affected, floods, water-logging, and unpredictable weather conditions that can just spoil your holiday season during the rains in Mumbai.

You can check out places that have stable weather conditions during the rains if visiting a destination during the monsoon vacation is a must for you. Or else you can stay back at home, take some days off from your work and enjoy the chilly weather at home with hot tea/coffee, bhajjis, and sweets made at home.