Sacred Places to visit during Pitru Paksha

If you plan to visit sacred places in India that will help you to do Tarpan rituals during Pitru Paksha, then find the list below. 

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As per Hindu mythology, Pitru Loka is the place where the souls of our past three generations stay. This is the realm between heaven and the earth. Yama God is considered to be the king of Pitru Loka. It is believed that the first generation is taken to heaven when a member of the following generation dies, thus bringing the first generation closer to God.

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In Pitru Loka, rituals are done only for the last three generations. It is believed that if the rituals are done with the whole trust, dedication, respect, love, and understanding, our ancestors become happy, and thus, they come into our lives to protect us from all the negative energies. We should note that if we are taking our ancestors' wealth, possessions, or names, then we should also be careful while dealing with the results of their bad actions or sins.

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Sometimes wrong deeds done unknowingly or knowingly by the ancestors do not allow them to get peace even after their death. The disturbance of the souls of ancestors happens due to unnatural death that occurs before the actual or natural time. Thus, it is important for the present generations of the family to do rituals that will reduce the effects of unnatural deaths. They are able to get inner peace from their sins and heavenly peace in their souls if they do Tarpan rituals in Shradh. By performing Tarpan rituals, ancestors can get inner peace and thus stay in a better position in the Pitru Loka. 

The above are the reasons why Pitru Paksha or Mahalaya Paksha is considered to be an important 16-day period among the Hindu community. Pitru Paksha this year is observed from 10th September 2022 to 25th September 2022. On 25th September 2022 is Mahala Amavasyai. Pind Daan, Pitra Tarpan, and Shradh are some of the important rituals performed during the Pitru Paksha.

You would be aware of how people lost their lives during the coronavirus pandemic. People who were young and didn't have any illnesses passed away soon in the last two years of the pandemic. It is really sad to see many families suffering from the loss of their loved ones which is making them live in grief and suffering. It is believed that if people perform these Pitru Paksha-related rituals, the dead people's souls will get relaxation and peace wherever they are. 

If you plan to visit sacred places in India that will help you to do Tarpan rituals during Pitru Paksha, then find the list below. 

Gaya Ji (Bihar)

Ayodhya (Uttar Pradesh)

Haridwar (Uttarakhand)

Badrinath (Uttarakhand)

Nasik (Maharashtra)

Pehwa (Kurukshetra)

Ujjain (Madhya Pradesh)

Varanasi (Prayagraj)

People having Pitru Dosha in their family can also visit the above places and get rid of their bad deeds so that their ancestors' souls remain peaceful and attain calmness. It is important that these rituals are performed by the family members only with the guidance of qualified priests. People can also involve themselves in humanity acts of kindness and compassion so that they do something good for the world and attain blessings from the needy.