Planning for a forest trip? Interesting tips and tricks

You can stay away from the social media notifications because you can cite the reason as "no network" and still enjoy your journey. 

trees in a forest
Image by Peter H from Pixabay

Are you bored with the routine of your life? Are you bugged up living in the office cubicles from 9 am to 6 pm throughout the week? Want to go around and experience something new? Well, traveling to a natural location is one of the best ways to break the monotony and connect yourself with nature well. You can stay away from the social media notifications because you can cite the reason as "no network" and still enjoy your journey. 

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Jungle treks and hiking in heavy forests are one of the ultimate adventures in life. Here are some ways in which you can travel the right way if you are heading to a forest this weekend:

1) You know how wild animals roam here and there in dense forests. So, it is better to pick a location where you are protected from these animals. Seeking permission from a forest official before entering a prohibited zone is also important. You can carry light items like biscuits, chips, and snacks that can help you with your hunger cravings. You can even carry some fruits that are the favorite ones of the monkeys and animals as well. Don't carry a heavy-weight bag and ensure that you wear clothes that are as per the season.

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2) Keep in mind the colors that you wear. Do not wear too light or too dark clothes. Wear clothes that are simple to wear and change too if you feel tired and drenched with the summer heat. You can even avoid putting up strong or floral scents because they may not be suitable for a particular section of animals who live in the forests. This will also affect you to roam around freely as you are disturbing animals on the way with your scent.

3) Carry garbage disposable bags with you. Avoid carrying a lot of plastic bags and boxes. Ensure that you don't throw away your wasted material here and there in the forests. You need to respect Mother Nature and ensure that whichever place you use to stay or sit or live for a while should be left clean without any garbages that cannot be disposed of. 

4) If you are going alone by using Maps or locations given to you, do not get panicked if you lose the direction. It is okay to err. So, you can just sit down for a while under the tree, and think about how you can come out of the location soon by following the footstep marks or some directions that will be kept on the tree. 

5) Avoid traveling or roaming in the forest during sunset time. You can find out a safe place where you can sleep and then get up early morning to venture outside. Keep your water bottles filled up so that you can keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Also, find out restrooms or places that are safe to urinate so that you are away from infections. Make sure to carry a camera and click as many pictures as you want. Do not scare the animals just for your fun because after all, you are going to their home to seek adventure.