How traveling can be made accessible for the elderly

Her grandma responded that she is afraid to walk during the monsoons on roads and if she slips or falls, it will be a difficult thing for them to manage her in the long run.
elderly couple walking on the road
Image from Pixabay

"Grandma, why don't you come with us to Ooty for a short trip? It has been more than a month that you have been at home since the start of the monsoon season", said Sheela to her grandmother who was reading the newspaper. Her grandma responded that she is afraid to walk during the monsoons on roads and if she slips or falls, it will be a difficult thing for them to manage her in the long run. Also, she gets cold and cough problems easily if she is traveling from one city to the other. And another reason she mentioned was how to climb the stairs of the platforms or buildings that lack a lift facility.

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Elderly people are usually not confident to travel outside during the monsoons because of the various types of news on floods, unforeseen circumstances that arise due to uncertain weather conditions, and even the lack of amenities to make sure that they reach wherever they can by not following the traditional routes. Like not every elderly person has that much bank balance to afford to travel through Ola or Uber everywhere they go. 

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The tourism industry should just come up with amenities and facilities that will make travel accessible for elderly people in the country. More options should be given for elderly persons to travel confidently in and outside the city. Like, think about how the tourism sector can come up with tourism packages that are affordable and friendly for senior citizens of the country. 

There can be some models that can be set up for elderly people to visit a theatre or go for a walk on the beach or even explore different amazing places that are most-visited by others. This will ensure that the tourism sector is also catering to one of the most important categories of people in the country. How about having a tourism map specially designed for elderly people once they reach a destination? How about giving messages or sending out voice instructions that help elderly people walk confidently in an unknown place?

How about a startup company coming up with accessible travel solutions for elderly people? How about brainstorming ideas from elderly people themselves about how they would like to travel and protect themselves from crowded places? Think about this as an initiative or campaign wherein you are involving those population of the country who have even seen the independence movement, recession, pandemic times, and all the natural disasters that have shaken the country and the world as well.

Think about how you can inspire elderly people to show interest when they have lost hopes to see the world again? If there are more options available apart from the reservations for the senior citizens, there would be more elderly parents telling their children that they would also want to see the outside world even if their health is not supporting them. How about an app that will guide the elderly on their way and keep them engaged in a positive manner so that they can do things on their own and keep moving ahead in life no matter what?