How to make a conscious and careful travel plan

If you are missing your school or college friends badly, then I am sure you are looking forward to exploring a reunion trip with your friends. 
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Traveling within your state or outside your state or country requires a lot of planning and discussion. Whether you plan to travel alone or with your friends or with family is what you need to decide first. If you have had a really great time with your family in the last two years of a pandemic by staying back at home, then I am sure now you are yearning for solo travel wherein you get a lot of ME-time. If you are missing your school or college friends badly, then I am sure you are looking forward to exploring a reunion trip with your friends. If you are a couple and have missed out on spending lovey-dovey time for a long period, then I am sure you are looking for a honeymoon-kinda travel plan. 

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Whether you are having funds or not, keeping a tab on the flight ticket sales that are published in newspapers or websites every now and then, should be on your to-do list. You will get a fair idea of the travel cost once you decide where you want to go. If it is within your state, then your travel cost will be minimal because you know the local language and also the tricks to get to a place by using local means of public transport. For example, if you live on the outskirts of Mumbai, then you very well know how to reach a destination within a few bucks rather than spending a lot amount on traditional means of transport.

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On the other hand, what you need to keep planning parallelly is the backup plan if your travel dates get postponed or canceled. For example, you need to understand that if you are planning to travel during weekends like Saturdays, Sundays, public holidays, and festival days, you will definitely be getting a lot of crowds wherever you go. If you like to be a part of the crowd, then definitely plan your tour on such days, but if you don't like traffic jams and getting a lot of rush in public places then it is better to travel during the non-seasonal time. This will also fit in your budget as the cost of whatever you buy and wherever you go will be quite less compared to the usual cost.

Now, what if you fall sick before the travel period or during the travel period and decide to postpone or cancel the plan? You need to know the cost that is involved when you do so. For example, flight tickets up front state how much you can get refunded if you cancel the tickets a few days before the planned dates and time. Same way, you need to have a backup plan for travel in case you fall sick during the travel. For example, if you have thought of covering 5 places in a destination where you are headed and fall sick as soon as you reach the place. You need to have alternate options to travel and explore the place rather than returning without seeing anything. Careful planning always assists in smooth and concern-free travel.