How to create wonderful travel memories with parents

Traveling with senior parents needs to be done with careful planning and timely bookings. 

family of parents and children
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Traveling with aged parents has its own pros and cons. In recent times, senior parents are usually avoiding traveling domestically and also abroad because of the COVID-19 fear and related restrictions. As Parents' Day is tomorrow, you can consider suggesting a short trip with your parents and make them feel special about life and the whole celebration in general. Traveling with senior parents needs to be done with careful planning and timely bookings. 

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Don't complicate your travel by adding many destinations in one trip. You can plan something like a trip to Shirdi or a trip to a famous place in Kerala. It is easy for them to know where they are going, how they can stay and take care of their food preparations, take medicines if any, and also plan for their rest time. This will give them the confidence to travel with you and also look forward to more such trips in the future.

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If your parents are mid-aged, you can encourage them to come with you for a Parents' Day tour by planning for a nearby destination. You can check out previous photo albums where you all as a family have visited several places. Give them such inspirations from your past tours and give them the assurance that you all will have a safe journey even in these pandemic times.

You can gift a camera to your Dad and give him the freedom to click whichever pic wherever he goes and sees on the tour. You can get some homemade laddus and meals for your Mom and get her to eateries that serve nutritious meals so that her worry about having good food even during the travel doesn't bother her much. You can find out places where they will find comfort and happiness. For example, if your dad loves adventure and your mom loves nature, then take them to a place where both nature viewing and adventure activities exist.

If going for longer durations like night stay outside is something that they are not comfortable with, you can take them to cultural functions that boost their positive energies and takes them to flashback memories of how they used to follow their cultural traditions and rituals in the best possible way. Like, taking your parents to a classical music program in a nearby location will keep them engaged for more than 3 to 4 hours and also give you memories that you can cherish for a lifetime.

Don't forget to take selfies during the travel period and upload them on social media with their permission. You can keep the photos in your phone album if your parents don't find sharing photos on social media a good thing. Spending time with your family, especially your parents are one of the best gifts that you can give your parents this Parents' Day. Especially traveling to a preferred destination of their choice, like helping them meet an old relative or a friend can rekindle happiness and peace in them and give them the most memorable Parents' Day trip in your life.