What do I mean by Destiny Travel?

I used to question my results when it came to 74%. I thanked God and trusted his process more than anything else. 

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Destiny travel is a unique concept that we witness in life only through our own experiences. What is written in our destiny that no one can know completely? Only when we see things happening in our lives the way it has to happen, that's when you will know what is in store for us in this lifetime. For example, when I wrote my class 10 exams, I was so afraid and prayed to God to at least give me passing marks. My hidden self had prepared me well for my exams but my real self was not confident that whatever I wrote was good enough. I used to question my results when it came to 74%. I thanked God and trusted his process more than anything else. 

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After completing my graduation, I was rejected by 40 bank and government exams for not having the aptitude, general knowledge, and skills to work in that sector. Just imagine even after failing the exams of 40 different banks and government organizations, I didn't lose hope to have a career. I took up writing as a profession because, for an introvert like me, it suited my skills and job satisfaction well. However, when people look at my career graph, they surely question why a marketing or business management graduate has to take up such a basic job when there are companies that can offer good posts and salary packages. The answer to all of those stares and looks is this I find utmost happiness and peace when I write.

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I move to a completely different world when I am with my laptop and Grammarly or word document or email writing something that I cherish the most or is close to my heart. So, I wouldn't feel ashamed to say that I was destined to become a writer because that's my reality. Have you ever thought about why you are here wherever you are at the moment? What brings you to live in a particular area? What makes you do certain things in a particular way? And what makes you think that there is nothing called destiny in your life?

Each and everyone who is born on this planet is destined to be somewhere and do something in their life. The other day I was changing TV channels and hopped into watching the movie PK where Anushka Sharma was closing her laptop after having a call with her dad's Guruji. Immediately the next scene was when the late actor Sushant Singh Rajput came into the picture. As my mom was sitting beside me and doesn't like to see movies or serials of late actors, I instantly changed the channel. And she told me it is okay to watch the movie and I was like I feel really sad how the talented celebrities like Divya Bharti, Sushant Singh Rajput, Sidharth Shukla, and KK left us too early. 

I spoke to my mom about how they created their own destiny by working so hard in the years they lived so that people could remember their contribution and work in society. Indeed my mom too agreed and shared yeah they have done enough work that they can be proud of and traveled to their fixed destination. And I corrected her saying that they have traveled to their destiny knowingly or unknowingly after giving their best work to the world.