Wonderful things about Ekvira Devi Temple in Lonavala

Today we are going to talk about Goddess Ekvira who is renowned as Renuka Mata in various parts of India and Nepal. 
ekvira mandir
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If you stay in Mumbai or any part of Maharashtra, then going to Lonavala is quite a nearby thing. Today we are going to talk about Goddess Ekvira who is renowned as Renuka Mata in various parts of India and Nepal. Ekvira Aai is the mother of Chiranjivi or Parashurama who is the immortal sage.

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The Ekvira Aai Temple is a Hindu temple that is situated near the Karla Caves in Lonavala in the state of Maharashtra. The temple has the idol of the goddess Ekvira and is worshipped mainly by the Koli and Agri people. Many other caste people also visit the temple to get blessings from Ekvira Aai. You can find a huge number of devotees visiting the temple during the festivals of Navaratri and Chaitra Navaratri. 

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The temple is believed to have magical powers and that's why people don't feel the pain to climb around 500 steps to go to the temple that is situated on a hill. The temple has Karla caves nearby that are now protected by the archaeological department. Apart from the Ekvira Aai Devi idol, the temple also has the idol of Jogesvari Devi. One gets an amazing view of the surroundings when one reaches the hilltop. 

Ekvira Aai Mandir is 8 KM from Lonavala, it is located 5 KM from Central Point Lonavala, 49 KM from Pune, 13.9 KM from Kamshet, and 97 KM from Mumbai. As per the story, the Ekvira Aai Mandir has been built by the Pandavas when they were sent to the forest for exile. When they went to these caves, Ekvira Mata came in front of them. She appeared to them to develop a temple for her. To understand the work ethics of the Pandavas, Ekvira Aai said that the temple has to be designed and developed in a night's span. The Pandavas however, ensured to build this amazing temple in one night.

This impressed Ekvira Aai who gave them the boon that they would not be discovered during their confidential exile. Ekvira Aai Mandir is open from 5 AM to 12 PM and 4 PM to 9 PM. The aarti timings are held at 5.30 AM AND 7.07 PM. The temple can be visited by devotees at any month of the year. The beautiful nature can be explored the best during the rainy season as there would be waterfalls, mountains covered with greenery, and amazing landscapes that will give a lot of peace and happiness from within.

The temple is also called Aadishakti Aai Ekvira Devi Temple and it has more than 16,000 reviews on Google with 4.7 overall stars out of 5. Other important locations situated near the Ekvira Mandir are Karla Caves, Lohagad Fort, Karnala Bird Sanctuary, Khandala Lonavala, Matheran Hill Station, Pune City, and Sangram Durg in Chakan. Crema Della, Hotel Deepak, PNF Restaurant, and Bar are a few of the places to eat near the Ekvira Devi temple. Hotel Karla Hill, Cozy Heritage Cottage, Greenwood countryside resorts, and Berose villa are some of the accommodation facilities to explore near Ekvira Devi Mandir.