Interesting facts about Shani Shingnapur

This temple called Shani Shingnapur temple or Shri Shaneshwar Devasthan Shanishingnapur is located in the village named Shani Shingnapur in Ahmednagar district. 
shani temple entrance

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Being a Saturday today, people throng to temples of Lord Hanuman and Lord Shani dev to get rid of the troubles in their lives. It is believed that people fear Lord Shani a lot as it is said that Shani God creates troubles for people having Shani in their horoscopes. This temple called Shani Shingnapur temple or Shri Shaneshwar Devasthan Shanishingnapur is located in the village named Shani Shingnapur in Ahmednagar district. The temple is said to be related to the planet Saturn. The village of Shingnapur is 35 KM from Ahmednagar city. 

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The temple is believed to be giving miracles to its devotees. In fact, the temple is a pride place and has got listed in the Guinness Book of World Records. The temple has Shani's idol of five and a half feet high black rock that has been set up on an open-air platform. On the south side of the shrine is a Trishula situated alongside the image and a Nandi (bull) image. The temple also has images of Lord Shiva and Lord Hanuman.

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You would be astonished to know that temple gets 30,000 to 45,000 visitors on a daily basis. On Amavasya i.e. the no moon day, the temple gets visitors in lakhs as it is the most sacred day to please God Shani. The village conducts large festivals on the new moon days that happen to come on Saturdays. 

Devotees put water on Lord Shani's image and also bathe it with oil and other flowers. Lord Shani is also offered udid. The temple got famous after a film was made by Gulshan Kumar on a temple named Surya Putra Shanidev.

Earlier, the 400 years old tradition meant that women should not be allowed to enter the inner temple. However, after a 2016 order by the Bombay High Court, the temple now allows women devotees as well to enter the inner sanctum.

One can visit the temple's official website named as it would provide details of the entry timings, online pass, make a donation, book for pooja, and abhishekams offered at the temple premises. Here is the Aarti of Lord Shani that one can read and chant to please Lord Shani.

Om Jai Jai Shri Shani Maharaj, Swami Jai Shani Maharaj |

Krupa karo hum din raj par, Dukh hariyo prabhu aaj || Om…… ||1||

Suraj ke tum balak hokar, jag main bade balwan |

Sab devo main tumhara, pratham maan hai aaj || Om…… ||2||

Vikramraj ko hua ghamend, apane shrethan ka |

Chaknaachur kiya buddhi ko, hila diya sartaj || Om…… ||3||

Prabhu Ram aur Pandavji ko, bhej diya banwas |

Krupa hoi jab tumhari, swami bachai unki laaj || Om……. ||4||

Surya sa raja Harichandra ka, bech diya parivar |

Pas hue jab sat pariksha main, dekar dhan aur raaj || Om…….||5||

Makhanchor ho Krishna kanhaai, gaiyyan ke rakhwar |

Lord Shani can be worshipped by doing good work and visiting Shani and Hanuman temples in your nearby area or locality.