Friendship Day 2022: Top 4 Wishes for Your Best Friends

Friendship is a unique bond because there are no rules or boundaries set in this relationship. 
friends in a group
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Friendship Day is celebrated in India on the first Sunday of August month. Friendship Day is observed to celebrate the bond of friendship between people who address themselves as friends of each other. Friends can be found anywhere, be it in school or college or building or at a local social party or in the form of relatives, among others. Friendship is a unique bond because there are no rules or boundaries set in this relationship. You won't be fined by the authorities and neither scolded by your relatives if you fall apart from your friends. And neither will you be forced to fulfill any obligations towards your friends because the relationship comes out of your heart and not out of any societal rules.

Friends are the treasure of Relations with full of Joy, happiness, fight & Sorrow

Friends are rare to find especially if you are looking for long-term and lasting friendships. If you are looking for friends only for the short-term or for a particular project, that also won't be felt bad by your friends because they know that they are getting into the bond of friendship for work purposes. For example, your first office's friends won't feel irritated if you don't stay in touch after 10 years of leaving your first office because in today's times everyone is busy and has a lot of other duties to fulfill. 

What is a Relationship with the Supreme?

As we celebrate Friendship Day 2022, here are some amazing wishes to share with your friends.

1) You know I love you a lot.

However, I don't say that often because whenever I am upset, you understand everything about me without me expressing the same to you.

It is the unsaid bond that we share and I would love to cherish this beautiful relationship of friendship with you forever.

Happy Friendship Day my dear lovely friend.

2) Happy Friendship Day to my dearest friend who completed my projects and assignments as a sincere person. 

I am in awe of your leadership skills since we were in college. It is because of your clear mindset and amazing written communication that we still bond over WhatsApp even at late nights.

Happy Friendship Day 2022.

3) We stay so far apart but the distance never mattered to us.

It is because our bond of friendship is so strong that our hearts connect with each other even when we are not living together or located in the same city.

I am sure you would have felt really happy to know that I have got a new home in ABC city and you are always welcome to this friend's home whenever you need.

My doors are always open for my best of best friends.

Happy Friendship Day dear sweetu.

4) I kept roaming all over the world but could never find a person like you.

You are simply superb because you kept waiting for me all these years thinking that I would return one day and come to meet you.

No social media platform could get me a strong person like you as my best friend.

I am so happy to have you in my life, my dear friend. I wish to be with you as your sincere friend all my life. Happy Friendship Day 2022.