Tips to protect yourself from a harsh upbringing

However, certain types of mental illnesses or difficult situations in their lives make them villain for children. 
sculpture of a dad and child
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We generally look up to our parents for all our needs and wants. But when parents become depressed or disappointed with their lives, they usually lash out at their children of any age. It is in those times that you need to step up and become smart in dealing with their negativity. After all, parents never want to hurt their children knowingly. However, certain types of mental illnesses or difficult situations in their lives make them villain for children. 

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If you are facing harsh criticism or upbringing from your parents, here are some ways to avoid yourself the situations and protect your real self.

1) When they ask you to say sorry, accept the same:

Sometimes parents become too sentimental and emotional in certain situations. For example, if you decided to buy a costly accessory from your pocket money or bank balance without keeping them informed, they will panic right away considering they keep listening to stories of children looting their parents. If they show their anger and resentment at you for wasting money on something that they think is unnecessary, do not fret. It is okay to say sorry to them and move on rather than arguing with them and trying to prove your point.

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2) Do not take things personally:

It is obvious that depressed parents won't appreciate their children for every small or big win. If you have been on a winning spree in your career or personal life, do not feel sad or bad if they don't reciprocate your wins with appreciation. If you are being compared with someone who has set higher standards and that is affecting your self-esteem, then just ignore it. Don't carry their frustrations of life to your heart or brain as this will give you a negative outlook on your own life. You will feel helpless if you keep listening to their negative self-talk and thus, you won't progress in your life and walk on your true calling.

3) Communicate when things become intolerable:

Probably you are known to hold back your feelings and emotions from your parents because you are not taught to argue or back answer. But if you think things are going too much for you that is giving rise to hatred towards your parents, then it is time to give them a reality check. Instead of bearing all the nonsense that your parents keep telling you because they are dissatisfied with their lives, you can instead give them an alternative view of reality. You can take them to a good counselor or a spiritual master who can give them a new direction in life rather than cribbing and spreading hatred in the home.

4) Don't leave them no matter what:

Certain situations may arise in your life when you feel like your parents have not only gone old but also sick. You may feel like running away from the home because it has become a toxic place where your growth and development are just impossible. Instead of escaping from the situations, you can stand strong and add filters to your ears and eyes whenever you feel your parents are working against you or your wishes.