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Tips to protect yourself against negative influences

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Negative influences have become quite common in people’s lives nowadays. Negative influences are not just present among different types of people but also in the technological devices that expose us to the world. For example, a person who is addicted to a smartphone may often be influenced by the negative news that gets trending on various news channels and websites. A person who is addicted to using a laptop may be getting negatively influenced by social media and how people keep instantly updating their profiles, living standards, lifestyles, thinking patterns, etc.

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Negative influences may also come in the form of some relatives and friends who feel jealous and seek revenge. For example, an aunt of a girl never allowed her to study higher because she wanted only her children to fare well in the exams. So whenever the aunt met this girl, she would always advise her to roam out with friends or visit her home in order to keep the girl distracted from her studies and her parents.

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Negative influences can also be in the form of habits. For example, a food addict may find himself addicted to eating and chewing something or the other every few hours. Like salty, oily, and sweet items or eating junk foods are always negative for the body, thus influencing a person’s mind negatively and creating imbalance and disturbance in the bodily processes.

Negative influences are also a part of one’s life if he doesn’t listen to his heart, disrespects others who are elder to him, follows bad habits of smoking, alcohol, and drugs; and tries to find excuses for doing his work or fulfilling his responsibilities in life and profession.

Thus, negative influences have to be eliminated by following cleanliness principles in the home, work, study, life, people, and overall thinking in general. For example, if there are people who are trying to stop you to dream big and attain your goals, then you need to reduce your time being with them. Probably they are the ones who are not trying to support you in your endeavors and creating obstacles in the way.

If negative influences are in the form of devices like TV, smartphones, laptops, technology, etc., then you need to reduce your screen time and focus on only what is important and useful to you. Do not stay back late at night or early in the morning surfing the internet and trying to do something that is meaningless. Instead, focus on your goals, have fun but within the time limits, and relax by meditating, exercising, and doing some household activities that will keep your room spaces clean and neat.

If negative influences are in the form of thinking patterns adopted by your family members or role models, then you can challenge them by introducing good habits. For example, a person may get influenced to take up a profession because of his role models like a cinema actor or sports enthusiast but if that is not something that you will enjoy as a profession then you can introduce good habits of following the ones who will help and guide you in the journey called Life.



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