Tips to love your grandparents and make them feel cared

LifestyleTips to love your grandparents and make them feel cared


Grandparents are the most valuable friends in our lives. Not every grandchildren or child are fortunate to enjoy the moments with their grandparents. People if they are aged generally fall sick, either physically or mentally, and that’s when they are unable to bond with their adult children and even with their grandchildren. If you are a lucky grandchild of a grandparent who is still alive, then here are some tips on how you can make them feel loved in their lonely and despairing times.

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1) Tell them “I love you” often:

Grandparents usually love their grandchildren a lot because it reminds them of their childhood and younger days. Even if you make any mistake and your parents are scolding you, they will come to your rescue because they don’t like to hurt you. As a thankfulness gesture, you can keep telling them how much you love their presence and how affectionate you feel when they are around you. You can also share with them about your school or college stories and also ask for wise advice that they would like to give you from their life experiences.

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2) Involve them in your life’s journey:

Your grandparents may or may not be embracing technology and the changing times. They have several reasons to be upset with the rapidly transforming world. They might be missing their olden days wherein life was simple and easy to understand. They also would feel cheated at times when things are not on time or when they don’t get things as they expected them to be. So, while they are going through a lot of emotional and even physical decline due to aging, you can keep them distracted by sharing stories about your life’s journey. You will feel lighter if you consider them as a friend who is from a different age group and also feels encouraged when they give you some sort of advice or tips to go ahead in your life.

3) Don’t back answer them even in a fit of rage:

If you are upset, it is quite obvious that you would not tolerate any kind of criticism or nonsense comments that comes from your grandparents. You may also feel why did you share with them when they are completely against the change. But it doesn’t give you the liberty to scold them or lash out at them just because they don’t understand your new things in life. You need to have enough patience in dealing with their problems and give them a different perspective in life when they show their adamancy and rigidity in thinking and living. You can even give them one thing at a time to deal with rather than forcing them on doing things that completely make them mentally weak or fragile.

You can do simple acts like talking with them on phone once a week if you are staying away from them. Visiting them once in a while will also make them feel loved. If you are living with your grandparents in the same home, then keep a day off just for your grandparents in which you will take them for a walk or a movie or to your friend’s home or to a religious place and make them feel secure in their lives.

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