Tips to deal with crisis news

Shailaja's father was disturbed when he saw his daughter crying due to the news of the recent earthquake that killed many people out there. 
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Image by Angelo Giordano from Pixabay

"Maa, things are getting worse in the state, let us move on from here to another state", said Raj in a panic to his ailing mother. Raj's mother was ailing physically but as soon as she heard the worried voice of her son, she decided to get up from her bed to make her son calm. Raj started narrating how he is feeling threatened by the worst-case scenarios that will happen if the state's politics turn around and create riots to win their favorite leader. Raj was not the only one who was stressed out due to the happenings of the state but many people who were traveling daily from small cities to a larger cities for their work, were living in doubts and fear of whether there will be riots on their way or how will they return back home.

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Shailaja's father was disturbed when he saw his daughter crying due to the news of the recent earthquake that killed many people out there. Shailaja was getting ready for her college but looking at the news on the news channels she started unpacking her bag, changed her clothes, and sat back at home. She was panicked about losing her loved ones and life after seeing the way the news of the earthquake was mentioned and narrated on the news channel.

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Such is the negative effect of the news on innocent children, teenagers, and young people who are unable to understand that life is beyond the news and the crises that are shown in the channels, newspapers, online websites, and mobile apps. Life is a journey and there are going to be ups and downs everywhere and anywhere. We cannot see life to be constant or static for one and all. Also, the more we keep watching information that talks only about how the world is becoming a bad place to live in, the more we will get addicted to a negative pattern of thinking that will make us live always in the "Fear" mode.

We cannot focus on any good thing that we are supposed to do. In fact, we will keep repeating the crisis information in our brains and keep imagining those things in our life even if we are nowhere related to the place of the crisis. This will put us in deep trouble because we would lose interest in our daily life activities and not do any constructive work that is really required from our ends to make things work. 

We will end up doing wrong work like spreading more false, fake, and negative information about the world to whomever we meet or interact with. This will lead to more chaos in our lives even if the choice was not needed because we are nowhere related to the crisis situations but are just viewers of a TV channel or a reader of a news media outlet. There are ways through which you can cross-check facts and come to terms with reality by knowing what is good and bad for your health and mind. You can keep only one hour a day time for the news i.e. to know what is happening in your state, society, and world in general, and the remaining 14 hours that you are awake can be used to create more meaningful things in your life that will help you to lead a good life.