Things you should pray to Lord Ganesha in 2022

As we are in 2022, here are some important things you can pray to Lord Ganesha this year
ganesha idol
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Ganesh Chaturthi is here. Everyone around you might hear celebratory sounds, dances, songs, and pandals where Lord Ganesha's idols are being placed. Many devotees also bring Lord Ganesha's small or medium-sized idols to keep in their homes and pray to Bappa whatever they desire. Lord Ganesha is known to remove obstacles from devotees' lives. Lord Ganesha also stands for wisdom, innocence, peace, happiness, prosperity, and right thinking.

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As we are in 2022, here are some important things you can pray to Lord Ganesha this year:

1) Thank Lord Ganesha for helping you throughout the worse and good times of your life till now. We would usually pray to God asking for some or the other thing but we ignore the existing things that God has given to us. So, let us take the chance this year to express our gratitude to Lord Ganesha and tell Him how fortunate you are to own things and have important people in your life.

Dalai Lama, an icon of reviving ancient Indian wisdom

2) Pray for the removal of all types of fears that are stopping people and yourself from achieving goals and objectives. Fears are something that doesn't allow a person to enjoy life to the fullest. You can pray to Lord Ganesha to give you the courage and ways to overcome your fears in life. He will surely listen to them and help you and the people around you come out of their comfort zone and lead a meaningful life.

3) Pray to Bappa to give you clarity in your life. When things and people confuse you by providing different outlooks of life, ensure that you are always blessed by Lord Ganesha to show you the right direction in your life. Whenever you think you are unknowingly or unintentionally making a mistake, you can kneel down before the photo or idol of Lord Ganesha and ask for forgiveness. Tell Bappa to give you the wisdom and right thinking so that you don't hurt others and come out victorious in whatever you do in your life.

4) Pray to Lord Ganesha for more peace in the world. We have seen a lot of unfortunate circumstances in our lives and others' lives in the last two years of the coronavirus pandemic. So, let us pray to Bappa to make this world a better place to live in. You can pray for the well-being and good health of fellow human beings. You can also tell Bappa to give you the required information whenever someone is in need around you so that you can lend a helping hand. 

5) Pray to Lord Ganesha to always help you learn new things in your life. The world is evolving and changing slowly at times and quickly at majority time. At times, you may not be able to adapt to the changes that happen to you in your life. So, pray to Bappa that you want to always keep learning and gaining knowledge in your life so that you can walk with the world and not feel left out.